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Ideas for outdoor spaces that keep the family together

Ideas for outdoor spaces that keep the family together

A great way to upgrade your outdoor space to hold nice family gatherings on the warmer days is to incorporate some outdoor furniture into your outdoor living areas.

Why not have another fun activity room that gets more in touch with natural light and fresh air? Challenging yourself to this step is not only worthwhile, but also inexpensive.

Finding the right furniture and resources is key to transforming that extra outside space into a space where you can relax.

The purposes and activities

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Wonder why you want to upgrade the storage space. Whether you are planning to set up a dining area, host dinners and birthday parties, or just enjoy a good book, you can customize the space to suit your needs just by knowing what to look for.

Having a list of all of your wants and needs is the best way to organize your likes and thoughts as it will point you in the right direction.

For example, a small patio intended for cocktail nights wouldn’t need a dining table, but it would definitely need side tables and stools.

Try it out first

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Doesn’t everything look like! Have a seat and take the time to try out some of the potential furniture for your patio. This is important and affects how much time you spend in the room.

You certainly don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable chair or couch for hours and relax, as it doesn’t induce relaxation at all. Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean it should be underestimated – comfort is just as important as aesthetics.

The function of the furniture

Outdoor-space-ideas-raising-the-family-together3 outdoor-space-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Michelle Walker Architects

Your main guide in deciding what to buy for your outdoor space should be the purpose you want to give to all of the elements in it. Their purpose could be to create a stylish look or create a fun space. Each purpose has its own requirements. So it’s best to start from there and look for outdoor space ideas.

Quality means many things

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One way to determine if what you want for your space is high quality and durable is to first check the materials. Strong bones and resilient materials like metal, wood, wicker, and rattan are known for their strength and durability, and are definitely good choices.

Don’t be afraid to invest

Outdoor-room-ideas-raising-the-family-together14 outdoor-room-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: RJ Gurley construction

Once you’ve decided on something worth adding to your patio, investing in furniture shouldn’t be a problem. High quality comes with a high price. So you can’t expect resin chairs to be as good and efficient as something that is better made.

It might look nice and not cost too much, but there is a chance you will have to change it in a short time. The same applies to basket pieces or wooden products. You can also get good pointers by researching and reading reviews and consumer reviews.

Look under your feet

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The textile industry has worked on outdoor carpets that dry quickly and are more durable outdoors. These advanced all-weather rugs are widely available and are perfect for bringing together the elements of the patio. Their rich texture and home comfort allow for an inviting atmosphere for your outdoor space.

Pieces with many purposes

If you plan to use the space frequently, work with furniture that can be used more than once. How relieved it is when you can use a decorative bench as a seat during dinner or an ottoman that you can use as a seat for any party. The furniture should be stylish and practical.

Multiple shapes and sizes to choose from

Outdoor-room-ideas-raising-the-family-together15 outdoor-room-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors

The layout of the outdoor spaces is just as important as the layout of the indoor spaces. It is therefore equally important to keep an eye on the proportions and scales of your furnishing elements.

A larger table is required for a future dining area as opposed to a smaller end table which is more suitable for another use. For example, a table that is too large can limit the space as a smaller one may not be enough to fill the space and the space needs to be filled with meaningless pieces.

The furnishing and decorating process should be fun

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It’s all up to you. Use your creativity and determination to create an exciting and fun place to spend most of the days of the year. By choosing the right furniture, you can treat yourself to a beautiful, modern ambience to relax and enjoy.

Modern furniture increases the value and appearance of the area – a cozy day bed or appealing swings on the porch can instantly improve the mood, and you can even get hammocks to achieve that relaxing feeling.

Color schemes

Outdoor-space-ideas-raising-the-family-together5 outdoor-space-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Shuler architecture

By using color schemes, you can liberate your artistic side and do something about the attractiveness of your patio. It doesn’t have to be the classic white or beige, you can keep experimenting with colors and patterns to get a modern, impressive outdoor space.

With the right surfaces, you can give the terrace an airy and spacious ambience while creating a warm and friendly ambience. Replace the traditional look with something like lemon yellow or bold fire red.

Which material is best for your outdoor area?


Outdoor-room-ideas-raising-the-family-together4 outdoor-room-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Gordon + Greineder

This type of furniture is both lightweight and durable, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Wicker furniture is indeed durable, especially if it is of a higher quality, like pieces of rattan, one of the strongest vines used.

Bamboo furniture is also very durable. Waterproof coating is a must for wicker furniture as it prevents it from deteriorating.

Wrought iron

Outdoor-space-ideas-raising-the-family-together-7 outdoor-space-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Wagner Hodgson

Inexpensive, readily available, and with a wide variety of hues to choose from, iron is a strong material that makes some of the finest and most effective pieces of furniture found outdoors. The disadvantages of working with iron are its relatively large weight and the care it takes – it must be painted at least every two years.


The use of aluminum isn’t new – it’s a popular furnishing material that has been around on many lawns and patios for years. Aside from its personable looks, aluminum’s durability is certainly impressive.

Since it’s lighter than iron, it’s easier to move about and it doesn’t cost much either. Aluminum castings are very practical and have a wide range of uses, as well as being a good addition to outdoor space.


Outdoor-space-ideas-raising-the-family-together-12 outdoor-space-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Center Sky Architecture Ltd.

Wood is one of those materials that you can find in many colors and shapes. The ability to work with what you prefer is one of the well-known benefits. You can find anything you need from eucalyptus to redwood.

The safest thing about wood is its durability and longevity, especially when it is stained. The cost and variety of choices make it one of the most suitable options for patio furniture.

Take good care of the furniture

Outdoor-room-ideas-raising-the-family-together8 outdoor-room-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: Urban landscape
While it is obvious that there is a need to take care of your furniture, it is important to deepen your knowledge of how exactly to improve the quality and durability of your furniture in order to get high quality outdoor patio designs.

Wooden furniture

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Oils and stains are required to keep outdoor wooden furniture intact and in good condition. Woods with waxy surfaces should be cared for with a soft cloth and cleaned carefully, as hard woods must be scrubbed with lukewarm water and soap.

Even the winters have no chance of ruining the furniture if treated often. When not in use, it is best to store it in the shade where it won’t be warped by sunlight.

Maintenance of furniture with a rattan effect

Outdoor-space-ideas-raising-the-family-together-10 outdoor-space-ideas that keep the family togetherImage source: K West Images, indoor and garden photography

Wiping with a damp cloth may be just enough to clean this type of furniture – there is no need to use a pressure washer or a dry cleaner. While it is weather resistant, it is not recommended to keep it outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

Metal furniture

Using detergents can cause scratches. Therefore, only use warm water with soap for cleaning. If you want to use a pressure washer, at least use it on the low setting.

If not completely dried, streaks may appear. So be sure to pay attention to the process. Metal furniture works well outdoors, but needs a rust-free treatment as it is often prone to rust.

Plastic furniture

Plastic can also be cleaned with soap and water or a pressure washer on the low setting. It is important to keep plastic in the shade as it is sensitive to sunlight and is easily distorted and damaged.

Safety measures should be taken to maintain the quality of the furniture throughout the year.