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High gloss kitchen: advantages and disadvantages of a shiny kitchen

High gloss kitchen: advantages and disadvantages of a shiny kitchen

There is no question that High gloss kitchens are an absolute highlight of modern kitchen design. The kitchens with high-gloss fronts set special contrasts in a kitchen and set different accents depending on the light. In addition, kitchens with high-gloss fronts bring elegance to any home. Less clear is the question of how easy-care high-gloss kitchens are, what advantages high-gloss kitchen fronts have over matt kitchen fronts and what disadvantages a high-gloss kitchen entails. That’s why we want to give you a closer look at the properties of a kitchen with a high-gloss finish.

Advantages of a high gloss kitchen

In addition to the already mentioned optical advantages, glossy kitchens have other advantages as well. Shiny fronts are much easier to care for than matte fronts. On glossy fronts, you’ll see fingerprints and grease stains much less than on fronts of a dull kitchen. In addition, lacquer fronts are very easy to clean and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a little detergent. Special cleaning agents and care are not needed. On the contrary: With too sharp cleaning agents such as abrasives, the high-gloss surfaces are only damaged over time. With a glossy kitchen, you can also bring a contrast in any kitchen style: country kitchens look young and modern with glossy fronts, concrete kitchens get a classic look thanks to shiny fronts and a colorful high-gloss kitchen, such as in red or yellow brings freshness into any boring kitchen space.

Disadvantages of a high gloss kitchen

A High gloss kitchen does not only have advantages. A disadvantage of a shiny kitchen is that damage such as scratches or dents are very visible and immediately destroy the overall appearance of a glossy kitchen. While small scratches and stains make a wood kitchen come to life, a slightly damaged glossy kitchen immediately looks worn, old and unsightly. Furthermore, scratches can not simply be polished away or sanded off, as is the case, for example, with kitchens made of Corian, solid surface material or wood.

High gloss or matte kitchen: what’s better?

Although it is often reputed, a high-gloss kitchen is by no means caring and / or sensitive. Every material for kitchen fronts has its advantages and disadvantages – be it a country kitchen made of wood, a modern kitchen made of Corian or mineral material or a concrete kitchen – in the end your taste should decide. Because in a modern, open kitchen is not only cooked, but also lived.