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4 Upgrades You Need To Build Your Home That Buyers Will Love

4 Upgrades You Need To Build Your Home That Buyers Will Love

When you are ready to build your dream home, there are a few things you want to add to your home.

These additions add a wow factor to your home that buyers will love.

Custom walk-in closet

It seems that you can never run out of storage space.

This should be a key factor when planning your build.

A large walk-in closet adds value to your home and makes your life a little more organized.

1600-x-900-Custom-Walk-In-Closet-Remodel-Drury-Design 4 Upgrades You Need To Build Your Home That Buyers Will Love

Once you have the space planned, it’s time to spruce up it a bit. Custom organizers are great.

You can add space for shoes, ties, socks, and hats. You can choose the size and height of the shelves. If more than one person is using the closet, this is a great way to divide the space.

If your budget allows, an island in the closet is a good choice. It increases the appearance and storage in the room. When it’s time to sell it, buyers will love this.


Fireplaces can really make a statement. They can be a focal point of the room and are a handy upgrade. Fireplaces are a great way to set the ambience of a room and provide a source of heat.

Fireplace 4 Upgrades You Need To Build Your Home That Buyers Will Love

Fireplaces don’t have to be limited to the living room or bedroom. Outdoor fireplaces will appeal to both men and women. This is a great selling point for people who love to chat.


Adding a deck to your home is a great investment.

This way you can easily use your garden for cooking and entertaining. Decks are another feature that buyers will like. You can cover it up or add a fireplace to really enhance it.

Custom garage

The garage is often left out in the design of the home.

Builders make sure it’s the right size, but often overlook the potential of the space. Your garage doesn’t have to be a boring room with boxes stacked on the ceiling. It can be much more attractive to you and buyers.

Custom-Cabinets-Houston-Garage-3 4 upgrades you will need in building your home that buyers will love

Add epoxy or other protective coating to the floor to improve its appearance and functionality. The various coatings can be water and chemical resistant. This is a selling point for people who work in garages with chemicals and liquids like oil.

As for those stacked boxes, no more. Install custom cabinets to really add pizzazz. You can choose from different sizes and designs. There are tons of colors that you can add. This will be very attractive to buyers because of the appearance and the additional storage.

Much real estate success can be placed in the hands of your tenants. When building a home, be sure to think about your needs as well as potential buyers and / or tenants. There are many upgrades that you can add to one big difference in value from your home. Remember to design the outdoor and garage areas too.