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Bathroom lights over mirror –the perfect lighting in the bathroom

Bathroom lights over mirror –the perfect lighting in the bathroom

Having a good distribution of light points in the home is essential to achieve a suitable environment that minimizes the effects of artificial lighting in our body, while necessary if we want to save and contribute to sustainable energy consumption.

Considering that each house spends up to 410 kW per hour in lighting, the specialists of the sector do a review for the keys and the tricks to get an efficient distribution of the points of light in the different rooms and create environments suitable to promote health.

Ideal distribution of light points.

The minimum of points of light that any room needs is always measured in the same way. If the room is less than 10m2 a single point of light will be placed, and it will increase one more point per 10m2.

In the election, we must consider the activity that is going to be performed in each room, because a workplace requires a greater disposition of light than a less crowded. Excess light spots should be avoided.

As for the type of light, experts recommend us put white light in the kitchen and bathroom, and warm light in the rest of the rooms. The warm atmosphere will be achieved with light bulbs of a temperature of around 2800 Kelvin. For this, in addition, it would have to consider the characteristics of each home. If we have dark walls we must distribute the light with spotlights of white light and halogens, whereas if we have very clear walls, we could reduce the light intensity in a single spotlight of warm light.

The usual thing is to use white LED lights. We can opt for a large light spot located on the ceiling with a downlight focus, or by distributing small halogens.

It is important to install white bathroom lights over mirror and place secondary lights on its sides, so as not to force your eyes by the lights and shadows effect, derived from poor lighting, as well as counting plugs in near it, always more than one meter of the bathtub, to avoid accidents.