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How to buy end table lamp?

How to buy end table lamp?

Height of table

The end tables are like the supporting players that are used near the sofa. They are very rarely used for the glory. They are used for the landing pad for lamps and or the cocktails. They are also able to give the space a polished and a well rounded look. The end table lamps come in a variety of size and the finishes and you need to choose the best one for your house. There are certain guidelines on which you should rely.

What to consider

Usually when you go for buying the end table make sure to check the height of the end table. The rule of thumb is that the surface area of the end table should be equal to the height of the soft arms. If you are having standard sofa then its height is around 2 inches and most of the end tables are within the range of 22 to 30 inches. If in case you don’t get the proper height for your end table lamp then you should go with the shorter one rather than the taller one. If you choose a very large one then it will make the room look awkward. Moreover it makes it difficult for people to set the glass and pick the book.


The end table lamp height should be proper and the shape should also be chosen properly. You should study your space and then ask the purpose for shade. The common mistake which most of us do is that we just purchase the end table lamp which suits your eyes. But the important thing is that it should suit the space. If the lamp shape and size is too large then it would not look good. Another thing to be taken care is about the shade of the lamp. Usually the best colors are white and ivory as they are able to illuminate the highest amount of light. The dark colors cannot support god illumination. Moreover, the lamp style should be such that it matches with the overall décor of the room. The mismatching metal is the common mistake which is done by people when they choose the end table lamps.