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How to Build a Charming Planter in Home

How to Build a Charming Planter in Home

For a quick and easy way to spruce up your interior, backyard or porch, look no further than charming hanging planters. Space-saving, colorful, green and healthy, hanging planters add instant appeal to any space. Here at Ah Sam Florist, we love hanging planters and put them everywhere. We love how charming, stylish and elegant they can be. For tips on how to get started with your hanging planters, see more below.

Hanging basket with flowers

The wonderful benefits of plants in your home
The amazing experience you get when you walk through a lush, beautiful garden can be recreated in your home. A garden can be anywhere, even up on the roof. Fill unused spaces and transport the scents and fresh air plants by making your own indoor hanging garden. Instead of a soulless, dark corner, place a macramé hanger in three tiers to bring the space alive. There’s no place that won’t benefit from a live hanging plant – from the kitchen to the bedroom, bathroom and patio, having live plants and flowers in the air gets them noticed and adds immense charm to any room.

Hanging plant in the bedroom

Why hanging planters are good for the home
Besides the health benefits and beauty of having plants in the home, hanging planters are very versatile and can be placed almost anywhere. A hanging planter can be any shape, size, color or material. From chains to wires, to twine or rope, hanging planters can be anything – they just need to hold a container and be able to be attached to the ceiling or some other high place. You can buy a hanging planter or make one yourself.

Three small hanging plants

There are many DIY websites with ideas for making planters using all sorts of materials and shapes. Think about the space you want to put it in and then think about what colors, materials and shapes will look good in that space. Do the same for the container that will hold your plant. Anything that can hold a plant is fair, from recycled bird cages, metal colanders, paint cans or glass bowls, containers can be as unique in size, color, shape and material as the planter can. That’s why hanging planters are so fun and unique – their style possibilities are endless.

Hanging plant in decorative pot

Different types of plants for hanging planters
Once you know where you want your hanging planters, determine if the area is mostly in full sun or full shade during the day. This is important in choosing the right plant that will thrive in that location. For sun-loving plants, you can choose from Million Bells, Portulaca, Petunias, Bougainvillea or Sunpatiens. For plants that will mostly be in the shade, choose from Ferns, Fuchsia, Begonia, Hosta, Marguerite Daisy or English Ivy.

Cascading hanging plants

Tips for caring for a hanging planter
Watering and fertilizing is a must. Also, make sure your container has drainage holes to prevent root rot. Hanging plants usually dry out faster than plants in the ground, so they need to be watered once or even twice a day. Using a liner is helpful in regulating the moisture levels in your plants. Other than these basics, just perform routine pruning and trimming to keep your plants healthy and charming.