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Asian home interior decoration ideas

Asian home interior decoration ideas

Asian interior design has a huge impact on the design of modern homes everywhere. People like it for its harmony and balance that add peace and serenity to a home.

As Asian living ideas became more popular, people got used to the term “Zen”. Zen-style homes are simple and elegant and not cluttered. The colors used in this style follow the same concept of simple but bold, with most of them being appealing neutral colors with elements of water. The differentiator of an effective Zen style is balance.

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Use energy

The concept of zen design uses positive energy. This means that zen-style decor means mostly open floor tubs where positive energy can be spread across the room. This is further enhanced by the use of natural elements such as wall art and wood materials.

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More than what the eyes can see

Contrary to popular belief, the Asian-influenced interior uses vibrant colors and shades that, when combined with the neutral environment, highlight and accentuate the entire home. The oriental style found in most China-inspired homes uses pinks and shades of pink, fiery red, and dreamy lilac colors, which is why it is so popular.

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Some shades of black elegantly integrated into the design add a mystical taste to your home. With the increasing use of gold as an interior color, combining it with a soft, neutral background gives it a majestic appearance, especially when decorating a living room.

storage room

Due to the fact that most of the Asian houses are smaller than the American ones, they use the Fengshui philosophy which uses simple and practical ideas. This makes Asian houses less grouped and looks more elegant. Instead of buying more storage space, it is better to get rid of the unnecessary items as small items are believed to trap bad energy anyway. Storage rooms that take up more vertical than horizontal spaces are always welcomed and recommended.

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Circle of life

Asian decor uses a lot of circles or round elements and objects. This is partly inspired by the sun (Japan’s flag has the sun). Moon doors, windows, or even cabinet faces look amazing when done right with a circle-inspired idea.

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Do not block the energy, contain it

IInstead of using solid walls, folding walls, or sliding doors, you get the practicality and privacy that are sometimes required without creating a permanent wall, which in most cases is not needed. Not to mention that it looks sophisticated and chic.

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Neutral center

The most common word used in Asian interior design ideas is “balance”. And rightly so. Too much of anything can make it worse instead of improving it. The right amount of colors, textures, and elements are needed to create a balance. Glass partitions, natural decorations such as stone or wood elements, and some organic textures can transform a home and give it an elegant look. Balance is really the key to a stylish and practical home.

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Strong elements are a good idea

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Instead of using lots and lots of small decorations, using fewer items with strong presence can maintain the clean space that Asian interiors use and add presence and charm to the room.

Large pictures or strips of oriental tape and carpets can have the same effect. If you only use a few flashy items, you don’t have to buy a lot of Asian style items to give your home the Asian look. You not only save money, but also create an open and clear space. Such a home looks very open and inviting while maintaining an Asian feel.

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An extravagant atmosphere

Chino series is a French term. It uses extravagant vibrations and can be found in textiles, embroidery, furniture and many decorations. Chino series has Chinese influences that come from Chinese imaginary and interesting designs.

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Asian nature

Feng Shui regards water as positive, especially running water. The sound of running water is considered soothing and harmonious. A home water feature is always a good idea no matter where you place it, indoors or outdoors. Reflective pools can also be a great feature and have the same calming feeling.

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A koi pond is a great addition for anyone looking for a water feature. Water features make great decorations, they can even be a centerpiece of the room.


Eye-friendly lighting, natural materials, and neutral tones can create a calm and serene environment. These materials along with Asian design elements can aesthetically enhance the look, calm you down and improve your mood.

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Painting on the wall

Instead of a normal wall that has just been painted, it’s also a good idea to print silk pictures on it. These often have incredible detail and rich colors, and they look extremely appealing and are undoubtedly unique, which could be why their popularity has grown.

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The smell of nature

Sometimes the aroma and sound can create more sensation in people than just seeing. Use scented candles and beautiful wind chimes along with sandalwood incense to further enhance the oriental feel. Adding this to some plants can instantly transform your home and make you feel calmer. This can save you a lot of money as it is easy and requires almost no preparation.

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When in doubt, the past can be an inspiration

Combine some simple white walls and sleek furniture and you have an Asian-inspired vignette. It’s comforting and looks nice too. Use a painted chinoiseirie console table as a backdrop for some lovely, colorful urns.

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