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Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint

Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint

A green living room calms everyone who sits in it. Color is also often associated with good health, which makes green living rooms great places for large or small gatherings.

Green can bring a lot to your living room. It can be used in so many ways. It works well as a neutral color. There is a shade of green that can work with almost any other color.

As one of the most common colors in nature, green gives your space an organic, natural feel.

There are so many options for a green living room. Here are some tips and tricks to help you.

Focal-point-wall-in-new-living-room-by-April-Force-Pardoe-Interiors- Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: April Force Pardoe Interiors

Colors and tones

Deciding to go green with your living room is only the first step. Check out the color choices at your local hardware store. There are so many different types of green! Even searching Pintrest or Google Images for “green living room ideas” offers an overwhelming choice. Let’s start by breaking down some of the most suitable color schemes.

Living room-by-woodchucks-fine-furniture-decor Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Woodchuck’s Fine Furniture & Decor

Mint green living room

Mint green is a bold choice. It’s a vibrant and refreshing color. However, when using this shade for your green living room, be careful. A mint green living room should have plenty of natural light.

This highlights the brightness of the color. Brass fittings look very good in a mint green living room and give it a warmth that is not present when using chrome fittings.

Modern-Green-Seattle-Remodel-by-Seattle-Staged-for-Sale-and-Design-LLC Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint
Image source: Seattle Staged for Sale and Design LLC

Warm accents are a must when using a mint green living room decor. It’s such a bright and fresh color that warm colors are needed to ground it. Corals and red wines go very well with mint. Mint is particularly suitable in rooms in the retro style of the 50s or 60s.

Johns-Island-Residence-of-Priests-Custom-Contracting-LLC Green Living Room Ideas: Walls, Chairs, Paint
Image source: Priest’s Custom Contracting, LLC

If you don’t want to go for a full-fledged mint green living room, use it as an accent color. It can work pretty well in place of other neutral colors.

Alternatively, you can use it in accent pieces for a fresh and vibrant touch. Mint green living room chairs, accent pillows, or chairs can be a perfect touch keeping the mint in moderation.

City-Living-on-the-Hudson-by-Gacek-Design-Group-Inc Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint
Image source: Gacek Design Group, Inc.

Sage green living room

Sage green is one of the most soothing colors to use for your green living room walls.

It works well with a variety of other colors and themes. Its relaxing softness creates a cozy space that has the right amount of warmth, even if it’s mostly cool colors.

As for a natural feel – well, sage is a type of plant that is widely used in medicinal and therapeutic mixes.

Balance sage with other soft colors and textures for maximum impact.

Room-by-Lake-Country-Builders-Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint
Image source: Lake Country Builders

Gray and green living room

Gray and green is a soft type of color scheme. It balances calm and liveliness and can work with almost any shade of green. However, you need to make sure it doesn’t get bleak and dreary. Therefore, use gray and green living room paint for maximum impact.

Lighter grays will help you here, although you can achieve darker shades of gray if you opt for a mostly green living room, especially if you opt for a lighter green. Planning and thinking is very important when deciding on a gray and green living room.

Lido-Tropical-by-Clifford-M.-Scholz-Architects-Inc Ideas for a green living room: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Clifford M. Scholz Architects Inc.

Green and white living room

If you want to add a touch of spring to your leafy living room, green and white is the right color scheme. Either color can be your accent. The overall effect is clear and clean. The white decorations on the green walls of the living room are particularly striking.

Green living room furniture can work wonderfully if you instead want to paint your walls white and pop out like the white trim on the green walls does.

Beverly-Hills-Traditional-Style-Mansion-by-MI-Design-Inc-Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: MI Design, Inc.

Bring some plants and flowers to really capture that spring feeling. A green and white living room is a lively combination that looks especially good in a living room that overlooks a lively garden.

Jewel-colored greens

If you decorate the room in jewel-colored shades of green, it will look lavish and luxurious. Emeralds and peacock green are rich and showy. When you use jewel tones, the best way to maximize their impact is to use them in abundance. Combine them with elaborate textures like silk or velvet.

Living room-by-the-Middleton-Group Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint
Image source: The Middleton Group

Oriental-style carpets and elegant works of art set the tone of the living room. Be careful not to make the room too dark and make good use of your lighting as these jeweled greens tend to be darker.

Modern-Portland-New-Construction-Living Room-by-Kraft-Custom-Construction-Green Living Room Ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Kraft Custom Construction

Several shades of green

If you love green, all kinds of green, go crazy and use them all in your green living room! Mix and match them freely.

Be creative with it. If you think it might be too much, don’t worry. There are few colors that can be used like green cans.

Fireline-by-Charlton-Jenrick Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Charlton & Jenrick

Multiple colors can be paired (or tripled or …) without being overwhelming or ugly.

Once you’ve decided on a green living room, make sure to use all of the shades of green that you can enjoy. This can also be a surprisingly fresh look reminiscent of jungles and forests for an overall bright yet calming effect.

Cozy-with-a-pop-of-orange-by-Ann-Lowengart-Interiors Green living room ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Ann Lowengart Interiors

Green with moderation

If the idea of ​​a full green-out is just too much, use it as an accent color. A wall with a green accent can be a surprisingly classy touch that enlivens an ordinary neutral living room.

You can tone down your use of green even more, but still get the reward by simply using it in your accent pillows, throws, rugs, or as part of the pattern on your furniture. This still brings in the calming and natural tone that green brings, but it won’t overwhelm the space.

Modern Farmhouse-Elmhurst-IL-by-Charles-Vincent-George-Architects-Inc-Green Living Room Ideas: walls, chairs, color
Image source: Charles Vincent George Architects, Inc.

Get inspiration from the green you are already seeing

If you’re not sure which shade of green to use, go for the one used in carpets or pillows that you already own. This can be a helpful starting point and is likely to save you money. Use the piece you selected to figure out your accent colors, patterns, and shapes as well.

Indoor-photography-by-coast-architecture-photography-green living room ideas: walls, chairs, paint
Image source: COAST Archiectural Photography


Green offers so many options for a living room. Think about the feeling you want your living room to feel, then take a look at your favorite greens and tones. You can have a retro space age space, a classic clean room, or a lavish piece of luxury by cleverly using the color green in your living room.