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Large table lamps models

Large table lamps models

Large table lamps should be decorative works of art that when lit can illuminate the place. They should be placed on a side table or corner table. Depending on the decor of the room, you can choose lampshades to match the setting.

Decorate your living room with a crystal lamp with a white shade

The lamp has a decadent luxurious look that can enhance any environment. It is timelessly attractive and quite heavy. It is shaped like a square and made by hand from solid crystal. It can be used in modern and traditional environments.

The width of the screen is 35 cm and the maximum incandescent power that can be used is 60W, but instead you can use LED light bulbs that have low maintenance and are safe to carry around when there are children and pets in the house.

Pine Crystal Lamp that can decorate all spaces

The crystal lamp is very decorative with crystals that dangle on all sides. It is eye-catching with its girandole design with gray and walnut metal finish. It is equipped with pendants that sparkle, in addition to pearls of clear crystals and acrylic that shimmers in the light.

It has a shade of ivory fabric that blends into the walnut and gray metal finish. 3-way lamp of 150W can provide all the light that the room needs. The shadow is beautifully designed 18 “at the top and 19” at the bottom.

Make living spaces stand out with an attractive table lamp

The large table lamp is designed with light sculptures that are nuanced and flexible. The shade consists of recycled pet blanket. It has four ring sizes for internal support. You can change the shade of the lamp and the light quality to suit the space.

It comes in different sizes and the largest is 6 inches taller than the others. It gives a completely different atmosphere. When you buy this lamp, you get a socket with a ten foot cord covered with fabric, with a thumb connector, a CFL lamp and 4 rings for support.

So if you like to buy large table lamps, choose those that are works of art and functional to illuminate the place.