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Get comfortable with coccyx cushions

Get comfortable with coccyx cushions

Coccyx cushions
Coccyx cushions are very common and inexpensive types of cushions available in most of the home care stores or cushion stores. These are specially designed cushions that give utmost comfort to your tail bone or the Coccyx. These are made of foam or gel and are cut out on the back at the base of the spine. This design helps in relieving the pressure faced by the tail bone while sitting. This design helps you in sitting for longer times. They are also used by people who suffer from back pain or spinal injuries. These are recommended and suggested by the health care providers after any spinal cord or back surgery.

Depending upon the type of use and comfort level that you are wanting from these coccyx cushions, you can select from the different options available with these.

– Donut cushions: These cushions are circular in shape with a hole in the center, which resembles a donut shape. This is designed to comfort your tail bone so as to avoid the pressure exerted on it while sitting. These can be a bit awkward to sit on at times.

– Wedge cushions: These cushions are square in shape and a triangle or a wedge shape is cut off from the side, which is where usually your tail bone rests on. The cushions helps relieving the pressure exerted on the tail bone and is very comfortable while sitting.

Many added options are available with these cushions like, gel made cushions, facility of adding ice packs, inflatable forms as a go to option.

There are many known benefits of using Coccyx cushions. Some of them include

– Enhanced comfort levels

– Great for patients suffering from back or spine pains or injuries

– Recommended by health care professionals post spine or back surgeries

– Customizable for added comfort

– Inflatable options of the cushions can help you in carrying them around and gives optimum comfortability during travelling too.