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Garden fence ideas with diy decorations

Garden fence ideas with diy decorations

A fence can demarcate outdoor spaces, provide privacy and security, and add some design flair. And there are many garden and garden fence ideas to choose from. They vary in height, material, texture and more. Some fences can be DIY projects while others require a higher level of skill to put together. If you’re thinking about installing a fence, here are some garden and yard fence ideas to help inspire you.

Elegance of wood and wire
Wood and chicken wire are simple materials. But this fence shows how they can be combined to create a fence that is both functional and stylish. The fence helps protect the raised garden beds from animals. And it provides a support structure for plants to climb.

This vinyl fence from blogger Liz Marie Blog is an affordable modern take on the age-old nostalgia of a white picket fence that works perfectly with the farmhouse style of the backyard garden.

DIY iron fence
This easy-to-install iron fence can be put in place in an afternoon. It is as sturdy as a chain link fence, but its design and black finish make it much more elegant. Plus, its streamlined simplicity means it fits anywhere on your property. You can use it to protect garden beds, set up an outdoor dining or seating area and more.