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Froth mattresses

Froth mattresses

Mattresses are the essential component which provides peaceful sleep for the occupants. There are various types of mattresses available with varying fashion and foundations like air chamber, foam, latex, innerspring etc. In that the foam mattress provides more supportive and softer feel and it spread out the sleeper’s weight over the entire mattress. Foam mattress is an byproduct of engineering advancement at NASA in the year 1970s and invented with the notion to use in the airline seats.

The foam mattress falls under three categories: memory foam toppers, memory foam mattresses and latex foam mattresses.

Memory foam toppers – This topper is made up of memory foam and it is ideal for those who do not want their entire mattress with foam. Memory foam lessens compassion to the movement of the partner who turns and tosses all the night. The thickness of the foam toppers varies from 1” to 4”.

Memory foam mattresses – Memory foam mattresses normally uses visco elastic foam in the outer and a rigid polyurethane material at its center which allows the occupants to feel the difference and the comfort when compared to other materials.

Latex foam Mattress – it is a combination of the liquid of the Hevea brasiliensis tree and synthetic latex. Latex foam mattress is produced using the Talalay or the Dunlop process. The mattresses which is produced by Dunlop process is heavier and denser than the mattresses which is produced by the Talalay process which is less weight and expensive.

The size of the foam mattress varies from full, king, twin and the queen.

King Size – The length of the king size mattress is 80” long and the width is 76 inches. The variation of king size foam mattress is the California King mattresses with the length of 84 inches.

Twin – Twin size mattresses are little bit smaller in size when compared to full size mattress and it is usually ideal for the children. The extension of the twin size mattress is the Twin XL which is somewhat longer than the traditional twin mattresses.

Finding the appropriate foam mattresses will provide better sleep, health and proper mood. When buying a foam mattress it is necessary to investigate the options for style, size, safety and comfort.