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Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers

You can’t please a kid every time, can you? This is especially true for teenagers and bedroom furniture for teenagers who know how moody their puberty years can be.

First of all, the teenagers aren’t sure how they want their personalities to be, so we can’t expect them to know the same for their rooms.

Trying to impose an internal resolution often leads to hateful behavior, and as a parent, the last thing you want is to wake up the animal within you.

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers11 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Anne Becker Design

However, it is time to redecorate your room and you need to handle it as best you can. Because of your age, you can’t just assume you know how cool teen bedroom furniture looks, and if you don’t want to follow their ever-changing plans, you need to rely on some universal tips other parents have suggested:

Don’t follow them blindly, let them say what they have to say

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers1 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Hollub Homes

What makes you think they are not going to propose a smart solution? After all, they’ve gotten bigger than you and handle technology in ways you can’t even imagine.

Better still, why do you think they won’t take your advice? As parents, you lead them through the most turbulent and uncertain times, and they can just as easily rely on your furniture suggestions.

This of course depends on their independence and personality, so you need to give their creativity the first try.

In fact, the experience is likely to help them develop organizational / design skills that they didn’t even know they had, or if nothing else, to ensure a place they’ll happily spend their time.

That doesn’t mean you have to have your daughter paint her room black, it simply means that you have to take into account the things she says.

A space with multiple purposes

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers2 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersSource: Increation

A teenager needs more than a place to sleep. For him / her, the room is their place of study or simply a favorite lounge for their best friends (remember, relevant surveys have shown that a teen’s favorite room decoration is a poster of his / her friends).

Hence, the room must have a rich and sophisticated social aspect so that the child can show his true personality in front of other people. To be more specific, these are the purposes that you need to consider in the room:

  • Sleeping area
  • Study area
  • Meeting point for friends and visitors

working area

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers3 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: McQuin Partnership Interior Design

They will always be your cute little kids, but they will eventually grow to have their own chores, assignments, or even jobs.

You need to give them a space to work in, even if that means just a desk, a comfortable chair and few shelves with relevant literature.

If you feel that there isn’t enough space for this, consider a wall-mounted folding desk or a multipurpose desk that doubles as a table.

A good idea is to take a dump bed or lift the one under which you already need to place the work area. Make it as private and personal as possible because that is one of your teen’s priorities.

Get creative with memory

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers14 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Pal + Smith

If there is one general function that describes all of the teenagers’ bedrooms, it is notorious mess. Teens know how to make a mess, and they do it with such professionalism that it takes forever to clean up.

One of the reasons this happens is because of the huge pile of personal items that they have no room for, and at least you can imagine that in advance.

We recommend that you optimize your storage solutions, e.g. B. built-in storage bed frames and hidden drawers, adjustable shelves, memo boards or larger desks. Your children will be very grateful!

Get creative with lighting

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers13 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Lux decor

There is no need to discuss the importance of lighting as it applies to all possible rooms and living spaces. However, we continue to believe that the importance of lighting needs to be highlighted for a teenager’s room.

Young people like special and interesting effects and are not satisfied with traditional lighting. One has to remember that.

Think boldly for the walls

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers4 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: OMNI Interiors

As an adult, you may prefer a clean and quiet place to relax, but this isn’t the case with your teenage children. They want their walls to be alive and full of energy, and they don’t mind the boldest, least-anticipated color ideas. Here are the solutions they prefer:

  • Bright colors
  • You can paint walls yourself
  • Favorite decals with cool sayings
  • Graffiti and Custom Paint for your urban ideas
  • Neon letters and marquis signs

They won’t be giving up their posters so plan ahead

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers5 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Cathy Morehead

Doesn’t that remind you of your own childhood? We all had our favorite singers, bands and movie stars and for some unknown reason we thought we’d feel better with their smiling faces hanging right over our heads.

Many things have changed since then, but that habit has not changed. If you don’t want your teen to damage walls like they used to, take an advanced approach and hang the posters in cool, inexpensive frames.

The solution is a win-win solution: the walls stay clean and solid and the poster looks even better. You can even buy a special magnetic board for posters that will hold them on a single wall.

The quality of the mattress is your priority

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers9 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Helen Ford Design

The teen’s body is still developing, so you need to provide them with an orthopedic mattress that will keep their back in the correct shape.

Of course, the length and size should generally be chosen according to its appearance, ideally larger, so as not to replace it as the child grows. This automatically means that you should choose a larger bed to start with.

Tactile textures are used for comfort purposes

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers6 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Wendy Resin Interiors

The room needs to feel comfortable and safe, and there is nothing like smooth fabrics and textures. Here are some great ideas:

  • Flocked velvet wallpapers
  • Faux fur carpets
  • Heavy curtains that divide the room
  • Plush bedding
  • fringe
  • Colorful and soft pillows

Personalize with a theme

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers7 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: The consulting company Inc.

Choosing a topic before the official start of the search for perfect furniture makes work much easier. Indeed, depending on their hobbies and interests, your child may already have some preferences.

Ask them and see if they would like a sports field, rock band garage, movie park, or forest. Any idea they have will help, but you need to keep the decor simple somehow as they will likely grow out of their “forgotten castle” stage.

There has to be a nifty note, such as a well-stocked bookcase. As your teen grows, they’ll start replacing the toy cars with books or the rock star posters with memorable photos.

To make it short; Choose a topic that can easily be replaced with a simpler one.

Don’t forget your laundry

We’ve already talked about how messy teenagers can be, and this is especially annoying when their dirty laundry is constantly showing up on the floor or furniture.

We’re not saying this works 100%, but you can at least try to get laundry into the laundry basket more easily. As an example, you can put a cool laundry basket in the corner, either painted with cool colors or decorated with graphic prints.

Another good idea is to invest in a nearby basket that looks like a basketball net. See? The ideas are just endless!

Buy from a reliable yet affordable provider

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers10 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Kerrie L. Kelly

Let’s mention Ikea and Craigslist – these are the first stops in the teenage furniture shopping process as they offer affordable, modern, and stylish options that are perfect for any teenage mood.

Plus, their pieces are showcased in a way that inspires great ideas, such as Ikea’s Billy bookcases and amazing sneaker displays.

Cool bedroom furniture for teenagers12 Cool bedroom furniture for teenagersImage source: Brilliant lighting

Then Craigslist is the best unique ideas provider and it’s probably the only place you can find authentic street signs, stage lights, ship wheels, etc.

You may not like these pieces or appreciate the fact that there are some available in the market, but a moody teenager is often obsessed and determined to get them.

Another good chain is Pottery Barn Teen, simpler with its solutions, but definitely affordable.