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flashlight İdeas

flashlight İdeas

A touch lamp is a lamp that produces light or is activated by human touch instead of a rocker, pushbutton or some other mechanical switch. These flashlights are basically used as night lights or as a study light placed in a desk. They work on the principle of the body’s capacitance.


Touch lamps are also known as touch-sensitive lamps because they work with a human touch. First of all, they specialize in throwing light over a particularly concentrated area, so during their studies, children use these flashlights that can help them provide very useful concentrated light. In the bedrooms, these flashlights are extremely ideal to be placed as bedside lamps because they can help individuals when reading or even to provide some light in the darkness of the night. A touch light is known to be practical because individuals do not have to carry these lights everywhere to find the socket, they can easily adjust the light intensity by just touching it. Nowadays, lamps are available in different sizes according to individual needs. Even these turn signals are said to be extremely practical and easy to use without complications as there are no mechanical switches.


As mentioned earlier, there are no mechanical switches for activating these turn signals. They are sensitive to human touch and there are many properties of the human body that help to activate the touch lamp. First of all, it is the temperature in the human body, because the body is generally warmer than the air, the lamps can be easily activated with the help of the human body. Secondly, the human body is made up of water that can conduct electricity very well. Finally, it is said that the human body makes a very good antenna that can help activate the lights.


If an indicator light is on permanently or if it is not lit, check the current control transistor. The power control transistor may be short-circuited. Even if one of the lamps blows, the element in the lamp called the fuse must be checked for any faults. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should always be safe enough to check for any electrical faults. If the individual is not sure, he should avoid fixing the flashlight.