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An overview of bunk bed mattress

An overview of bunk bed mattress

The size of the mattress depends upon the size of the bunk bed. Therefore it is necessary to first know the exact size of the bed before buying the mattress. It should not be too thin or too high as it may cause safety risk for the user.

• Polystyrene Mattress: They are very budget friendly and are the most preferred mattress for bunk beds. They are firm and are available in different variety of thickness. They are easy to clean and also dry off quickly.

• Memory foam bunk bed mattress: They are available in varieties of softness. They are best for kids and babies. They also proportionate the weight of the body and improve blood circulation. They have dust and mite resistant properties and are very comfortable to the user.

• Latex Bunk mattress: They offer a natural feel and bounce since they are made of small holes. They are known for their hypoallergenic properties. They are used as padding for the sprung beds.

• Coil sprung bed mattress: They are popular for their firmness and strength. They are very commonly used for bunk bed mattress for children. Materials like cotton, foam, coconut fibre, wool, polyester fibre etc. are used to wade around the coils.

• Pocket sprung mattress: Pocket sprung mattress are known for their quality. They are recommended for bunk beds that have double bed as base. Different fillings are used to provide good comfort to the user.

 They should not be too bulky or too heavy.

 The mattress should remain stable and the user should not flip over it.

 Do not buy an expensive mattress for the bunk beds as they wear off easily, instead buy a waterproof cover to protect the mattress.

 Size: Measure the size of the bed. It should perfectly fit into the bed frame. It should not be too small or big as it may cause injury to the kids.

 Comfort: Always choose the mattress which is comfortable to the kids. It should be soft, flexible and versatile. They should be hypoallergenic, and should have dust and termite resistance.

 Type of mattress: Select the most appropriate type of mattress. It should have the perfect firmness and should be within the budget. The mattress should not give any body aches and should be very comfortable to sleep over it.