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Furniture made of olive wood

Furniture made of olive wood

Furniture made of olive wood gives the room a Mediterranean flair.

It is cold, wet and gray outside – how pleasant it is to be able to bring the Mediterranean feeling of life from your last summer holiday into your own four walls. Furniture made of olive wood instantly brings warmth to the home – they remind you of the southern European countries of origin of the olive tree such as Portugal, Spain, Italy or Greece. There the special wood has been growing for centuries and not only provides food through fruits and oil but also provides wonderful material for furniture.

Easy to clean and resistant

Due to its slow growth and the extreme climatic conditions that have exposed the olive tree over the centuries, its wood has a high density and an exceptional degree of hardness. Furniture made from this material is particularly resistant to dirt, acids, grease and scratches.

Natural selection

The durable olive wood is also characterized by its eye-catching and beautiful grain. Thus an olive wood piece of furniture fills every room with life and warmth. The naturalness of the wood comes into its own in combination with discreet stainless steel elements. Thus, this mix of materials also gives Quadro a special and Mediterranean touch. The peculiarity of olive wood is also taken into account when processing furniture. Thus, the centuries-old plants are not indiscriminately precipitated, but only those that already bear no fruit. This not only preserves the life of the old trees, it also creates space for young plants.