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DIY ideas for improving your home storage

DIY ideas for improving your home storage

Recent research has shown that the footprint of our homes is shrinking, the average living room is a third smaller and the bedrooms are getting smaller and smaller. This means getting the most out of your home has never been more important, especially when it comes to storage.

True, there are tricks for interior design that allow you to make rooms more spacious. However, if you find that your home feels small and cramped, a little DIY can be a solution.

Convert space under the stairs

For many people, the space under the stairs is often wasted to hide trash or to store the vacuum cleaner. However, this area can be better used to provide either additional storage or, in some cases, additional space.

Understairs-Gallery-2d-1920x1305 DIY ideas to enhance your home storage

By plastering and painting this room and cleverly covering all the electricity meters, you can do it transform under the stairs in a pantry or sitting area, a pet bed or reading area, and in shelves, drawers or a cupboard.

Install Hidden Bed Frame Storage

The bedroom is a room that needs more and more storage space. The problem is that it can be difficult to achieve without additional drawer units or closets, but many bedrooms lack the floor space required to do so.

Hidden Bedroom Storage DIY Ideas for Improving Your Home Storage

Instead, consider bed frame options to keep your bedroom tidy and for better storage without taking up all of the space. This may include swapping out your headboard for a shelf (whether visible or hidden pull-out options) or Install gas springs to raise your bed base easily and offer a lot of hidden storage space.

Use in-wall space

While you’ve probably already thought about investing in more storage space and taking advantage of the available floor space, have you thought about breaking into the walls? While this can be a bigger task that requires additional tools and planning, it can provide clever storage in a small space.

For example in a small bathroom, Installation of embedded storage can ensure there is space for shampoo bottles, accessories or towels. Alternatively, if there is a lack of wall cabinets, space can be created in the kitchen for a pull-out spice rack or a pull-out cupboard or an additional shelf for plates and bowls.

Installation of built-in wardrobes

By reevaluating the existing built-in storage such as cabinets and alcoves, you can find extra space without taking up any more space. This could include securing more storage space from the existing space by adding more shelves or changing their height. Or you can go a step further by installing a folding desk to create a functional home office space.