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Ergonomic furniture for home

Ergonomic furniture for home

For many, the idea of ​​not spending their old age in their own home is terrible. Allocating one’s own daily rhythm to the rules of a retirement home seems frightening. Often, however, a move to the home can be avoided by the right equipment or simple conversions. The range of ergonomic furniture and aids for seniors is large, so that you can customize each living area individually to the respective needs and also cope with wheelchair unassisted.

Barrier-free living

Let’s start with the bedroom: orthopedic mattresses ensure a healthy sleep and raised or height-adjustable beds make getting up easy. The teeth are cleaned in the bathroom at the likewise height-adjustable washbasin. With floor-level entry and folding seat, the shower ensures comfort. But even those who prefer a bath in the tub, must not give up thanks to lateral entry possibility. Handrails on the walls and a non-slip floor covering increase safety. Safety also plays a role in the wardrobe: a clothes lift eliminates the need to climb on a ladder or step on high cabinets. If you find it difficult to stoop and stand up, a full extract helps to be able to use even the farthest, lowest corner. Let’s get to the kitchen: since standing for a long time can become difficult in old age and to make the kitchen wheelchair usable as well, lower or height-adjustable worktops and base cabinets with full extensions in this area ensure unrestricted usability. In the living room finally you can make yourself comfortable in the ergonomic chair with stand-up.

Share costs

Of course, the options listed here are not for free, but in most cases, only a few of the aforementioned acquisitions or conversions are necessary. It is worthwhile in any case to ask the various care insurances, in which measures the costs are taken over in whole or in part in order to calm down to a carefree retirement in their own home to be able to prepare.