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Storage space in the kitchen: clever ideas and tips for more space

Storage space in the kitchen: clever ideas and tips for more space

Little space in the kitchen leaves much room for creative ideas. Supreme Principle: Any space is used! How you can do that best, we show you with these brilliant ideas for more storage space in the kitchen.

Order in the kitchen creates more storage space

Order is half the life – Mama was right. A proper kitchen is practical in many ways. For one thing, you can find things faster because they are always kept in the same place. On the other hand, there really is more room in a tidy and well-organized kitchen.

Tip # 1: Organize drawers well

Very important is the organization of a good organization of the drawers. After all, who does not know that – once the drawer is pulled out swinging and inside there is the ultimate chaos. If you buy knife holders and drawer inserts for cutlery and co., You can prevent that and, moreover, you can put more things down by carefully tidying them.

DIY: Creating storage space in the kitchen itself

Creating storage space in the kitchen does not have to be complicated. With simple tricks you can help yourself to more space in your kitchen.

Tip # 2: Use the walls

A good tip is to hang things up, as walls often go unused. With magnets or a railing kitchen helpers and knives can be stored wonderfully. Except for a pole, screws and a drill you do not need much.

Tip # 3: Exploit room height

If there is really no room in the kitchen, then the ceiling still remains. There is also a blanket in very small kitchens. You can also easily hang things up there. For example, hanging shelves or plants in the kitchen are well suited for this purpose.

Tip # 4: Adhesive hooks make lids a home

If you do not like to work with a drill, you can make room in your kitchen with the next idea. With simple adhesive hooks, you can fasten covers of all kinds inside your closet doors. To do this, simply glue two or three hooks to a cupboard door of your kitchen so that they form a circle or semicircle. Then you can easily hook up your pot lids and save a lot of space in the kitchen cupboards.

Use any storage space in the kitchen

You can also see little storage space in the kitchen also positive – so you can let your creativity run wild. There are many ways to create storage space in the kitchen – you just have to find it.

Tip # 5: Use kitchen fronts

Kitchen fronts are not only good for closing boxes. It is easy to attach holders to which e.g. Tea towels can be hung up. And all without drilling!

Tip # 6: Take advantage of every angle

Sometimes, with standard carcasses, it’s just not enough for the line to connect seamlessly to the wall. The kitchen manufacturers have meanwhile also found a solution for this. There are pharmacist cabinets in miniature format. With a width of just 15 cm, they fit perfectly into an unsightly gap at the edge of the kitchen and create additional storage space.

Tip # 7: Put on clever statements

The space in drawers is often not fully exploited – or there is chaos. With clever pull-out solutions, you’ll gain extra space in your drawers and, by the way, keep track of things easily.

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