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18 incredible old car garden art ideas

18 incredible old car garden art ideas

1. A retro car bouquet
Old Car Garden Art

Get an old station wagon from a salvage yard and use it in your garden by placing painted rocks around it. You can also grow flowering plants like marigolds to complete the look!

2. Flowers on wheels

An old pickup that used to hold flower pots. A good focus idea!

3. Retro Flower Car Cart

Can you come up with something like this? A retro flower wagon?

4. A floral Mercedes
Some of the best Old Car Garden Arts

You can easily get aged and worn Mercedes for a one time price that you can use to decorate with colorful flowers like in this picture!

5. Vintage Car Garden Art

Restoring a vintage car into a green bed, it’s a ridiculous and unique idea, making it one of the most interesting Old Car Garden Art!

6. A “Trucking Abode”

Get a truck from a junkyard and fix a wooden bench and a plastic umbrella over it. Add some wired sculptures to make one of the best seating areas in your garden.

7. A flower beetle

Whether it’s a retired classic beetle car or some other vintage gem that is useless and without an engine, you can use it to grow flowers on it.

8. A car in fairyland
The best Old Car Garden Art on the internet

If they have a car in fairyland, it would definitely look like this!

9. Cargo Flower Bed

Use the cargo bed of an old pickup truck to grow flowers. Trailing plants are best for this purpose!

10. A car vase

Paint abstract art on the body of a roofless car and fill it with annuals for a car that looks more like a car vase!

11. Rustic mini forest
Classic Old Car Garden Art You Can Use One of the most artistic ways to repurpose your rustic truck is to grow vibrant and cheerful flowering and foliage plants around it. This is truly an amazing Old Car Garden Art!

12. A pickup truck with spilling flowers

Do you know our viral flower pot idea? This time it’s different – Spilling Flower Pickup.

13. Man’s Vegetable Garden

Turn your old Chevrolet into a kitchen garden like no other to grow your vegetables and herbs the manly way.

14. Tilting truck discount
Some of the best Old Car Garden Art for your garden
Salvaged a mini truck and wondering how to use it? Use its wooden bed in a sloping manner to grow colorful flowers.

15. Raised Garden Bed Truck

How about using a wrecked truck as a raised garden bed to grow your favorite plants!

16. Antique car waterfall

Install a water pump in the cabin of a scrap car and turn it into a mini waterfall from the window. Grow plants that suit the look.

17. Canary Yellow Truckbed

Don’t forget the combination, grow flowers in contrasting colors for the bold look.

18. Vines by the Hood
Amazing and Interesting Old Car Garden Art Ideas

To copy this idea, grow vines in the engine compartment and raise the hood. Plants that fall down will look good.