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Modern interior design furniture

Modern interior design furniture

Yes, choosing the right furniture for your home is a creative and fun activity, but it can be tricky every now and then.

Even if you know exactly what you need, go to the store and get confused with the thousands of modern furniture designs the place has to offer.

Sounds familiar? How about you consider the positive side of this strain as an infinite source of uniqueness? It will take you a while to choose the right pieces, but at least you will know that the selection wasn’t wrong.

We would like to introduce you to the basic rules for choosing interior design furniture:

Basic pieces go first

Interior design furniture1 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Own design

Yes, there are a lot of interesting pieces out there, but just imagine how difficult it would be to adapt a large sofa to a table lamp.

Doesn’t it sound more logical to go the other way around? Choose the basics first (sofas, tables, chairs) and switch to smaller and less important elements.

If nothing else, you’ll have an idea of ​​the color, size, or function of the other items you’re looking for.

Assessment of the decor is mandatory

Interior design furniture2 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Dowalt Custom Homes Inc.

Measure the space and calculate the size of the parts you want to buy. Think about what you already have to get an idea of ​​the parts that will suitably go with it. Does it look like you can pack the items up? Do it!

Retrofitting often means mixing old and new parts, or different colors, textures and sizes. Hence, it is good to familiarize yourself with mixing before entering the store.

First try the solution to see if it works. When you repaint, soak a tiny bit in the paint and take it home with you to see how it goes with your space. Each color has at least 30 shades, so we do not recommend that you rely on just judgment.

Longevity is of the utmost importance for your furniture

Interior design furniture3 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Shirley Meisels

You don’t have the option to re-set every day, so choose the strongest, most durable parts you can find. For example, consider making frames out of wood rather than aluminum as they will last longer and look better in a cozy home. Of course, be willing to pay more for better quality, but don’t go beyond what your budget allows.

We’d also like to remind you that durability doesn’t just apply to hard furniture. This also applies to fabrics for which you should strike a balance between durability and comfort. Definitely give the piece a try and you will get an idea of ​​how long it can take in your home.

Be honest with yourself

Interior design furniture4 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Amber bottom

Does the piece you like suit your lifestyle? Let’s face it: you don’t need silky curtains with two toddlers, a 200-pound mastiff, and a naughty cat running across the room!

You don’t even need that expensive leather cut, especially if your main purpose is to make you feel relaxed rather than impressing guests.

Consideration of the existing solution

Interior design furniture5 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Even if you haven’t touched anything before, houses tend to impose some kind of design with their sheer appearance. So you have to pick parts that actually fit there.

If the style and colors are modern, furniture should be modern too. If the house is an old Victorian work of art, it deserves a proper Victorian solution.

There’s one more important aspect of this process: you need to follow the overall purpose of the room! For example, there is no need to introduce dainty solutions and detailed carvings in the room where you go to sleep.

Evergreen is never a bad choice

Interior design furniture6 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Built-in

Following trends is a good thing, especially if your budget can afford it, but trends go out of style. This means that it will take a few months before you find your place cluttered with outdated pieces and have to replace them.

Knowing how expensive this can be, we encourage you to avoid radical deviations from timeless and common styles and choices.


Interior design furniture7 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Anne Boa interior design

Furniture made from exposed wood needs to be completed mainly for reasons of protection. What to keep in mind here is that different surfaces have different effects and can dramatically change the color of the furniture.

Sometimes customizing the finish is as important as changing the style from traditional to modern by adding cherry stains with black paint or mahogany with white paint, for example.

Don’t accept anything but the best

Interior design furniture8 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: CANDICE ADLER DESIGN LLC

Don’t let the price become a crucial moment in your interior design, because furniture should last a long time. Instead, choose lower quality pieces or cut down on other expenses that are not so important.

Don’t let the looks fool you, the only result will be to redecorate every year and this one will definitely cost more. This is why materials and the supplier’s reputation are important, and they are very important.

Accept used furniture, but fine

It is nice of your friend to give you the old couch that he no longer uses, but you are under no obligation to accept it. In fact, it’s far better to save the disappointment of living with dysfunctional furniture and spend some cash on your own pieces (even if they aren’t the best ever).

Select parts that do not interfere with movement

Interior design furniture9 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Amory Brown

Or, to put it more simply, choose elements that are not oversized and leave enough space for normal traffic in the room.

Choosing an intelligent color palette

Interior design furniture10 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

Color should not only look good, it should also be a mood stimulator and one of the most powerful tools for conveying personal messages.

If there is already a painted element in the room, choose colors that go with it, especially neutral colors, as these are able to match any color or element.

The general rule in design is to keep the entire frame (walls, floors, ceilings) neutral and play with small elements like furniture, pillows, carpets, etc.

Introduction of certain topics in certain rooms

Interior design furniture11 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Laura U, Inc.

Think about the purpose of the room and try to guess which topic is best for it. Do you want it to be your study? A playroom? The playroom for your children?

Assuming this is the case, we recommend deviating from the bare scheme and pursuing a theme that could support the purpose of this space. There is a long list of options to choose from: Asian art furniture, Polynesian style pieces, retro modes, etc. Why not make the experience more fun?

Dark fabrics

Interior design furniture12 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Bravo interior design

While it’s good to choose lighter fabrics for smaller and more formal spaces, rooms that are often inhabited should be decorated with darker ones. The more you use the fabric, the more damage it will show, and you’ll need smart color choices to cover this up.

The financial plan

Interior design furniture13 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: LEIVARS

Before committing to anything, make sure you have enough money to support your plans and try to stay within the limits of what you are allowed to spend.

Split the money intelligently and invest in pieces that are really worth and should last. Finding quality at a reasonable price can be very difficult, but it’s the best shot you need to avoid spending a fortune.

Used furniture: why not?

You can either buy it from the previous owner, a flea market, or a specialty store that does thrift business. If the piece is in good shape, there is more to be gained than to lose.

After all, you’re not making the biggest decision ever and can always replace it if you save enough for a new one.

Expect the unexpected

Interior design furniture16 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Facet 14 studio

One of the most valuable things money can buy is uniqueness and there is no reason not to look for it when money allows it. In fact, the item that looks strange at first sight could be a perfect accessory for an original living room, even if you’re not exactly the unconventional person who likes to experiment.

As far as we know, furniture is meant to express the unique sides of your personality, and traditional pieces likely won’t.

Do you remember free services?

Interior design furniture14 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Fiorella design
21 Revi

Why not use what was offered to you? There are interior design firms that offer free advice, trial subscriptions to design magazines, or even planning guides.

You can use all of this to master the design planning, or at least get a mental picture of what you are looking for.


Interior design furniture15 Modern interior design furnitureImage source: Iba Design Associates

There’s no rush, which means there’s absolutely no reason to buy ten pieces at a time, even if your budget allows it. Go room by room, piece by piece, and make smart decisions based on long and meaningful research.

The more you focus on a particular solution, the better it gets, and you will see this once your home is completely finished.