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Open design ideas for the kitchen and living room

Open design ideas for the kitchen and living room

With a separate kitchen, functionality is never a problem. But how do we deal with combined living spaces and open floors? How do we make a kitchen both functional and beautiful? Open kitchen and living room combinations should be done so perfectly that people do not even distinguish between them. The big question is: how?

Check out our ideas for the living room in the kitchen. and look for your answer!

Focus on consistency

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas1 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Christine Kelly / Artisanal Architecture

A kitchen living room combination should be monochrome. There shouldn’t be a clear separation on the wall or an obvious difference in colors and shades. After all, why would you share them when you had already made up your mind to combine them? Wouldn’t that big and spacious room look impressive?

The same materials as colors should coincide. Tile walls require tile walls while wool throws require wool throws. As simple as that!

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas10 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Meritage Homes

This should also be a guiding rule for purchasing items as you always need to think of materials that will work equally well in both parts (for example, porcelain flooring in kitchens looks perfect, but it doesn’t make your living area comfortable and comfortably warm). If we had to come up with an overall suggestion, we would probably go for excellent quality natural stones.

Even so, it can be very difficult to choose a floor that is suitable for kitchens and living rooms. If you are forced to use two of these, make sure they are in similar tones and textures. A wrong and opposite choice destroys harmony and balance.

Avoid corridors

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas3 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: CG&S design build

But how can you resist this stubborn temptation to create an “optical hallway” towards the kitchen? You must! Architects eliminated the need to surround people Sofas and tables Why would you change that to go to the kitchen? The more complicated it looks to go to the kitchen, the less motivated people will be to do it!

What is expected of you is the opposite: move furniture aside; and maximize the free space. This way people can move around freely. and there will be absolutely no feeling that there are two rooms instead of one.

Avoid artificial partitions

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas5 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Dyer Grimes architecture

Open kitchen living room design looks exactly as it sounds: open. People are often deceived by the idea of ​​maintaining privacy. and they opt for artificial partitions such as folding walls, curtains, bookshelves or entire panels.

Ladies and gentlemen, why did you knock down the wall in the first place?
The reason we need open floors is because we want our space airy and spacious. Both physical and intuitive barriers can spoil this.

Instead, try to balance furniture and create harmony. The main rule is to avoid tall elements and introduce bulky cabinets that are evenly distributed throughout the room. Adding two completely different pieces of furniture makes both kitchens and living rooms smaller. and will draw / draw attention to only one of them. This is exactly why balance is necessary.

Let accessories do their job

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas4 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Rigid Homes

Are you still ready to provide two separate identities? Accessories and layout details can do that for you! The same parts that are positioned differently can indicate a room division. For example, Sitting areas in the living room can stand on one side; but on the opposite in the kitchen. Works of art and carpets are also strong partitions.

Don’t forget the details

Open-Kitchen-And-Living-Room-Design-Ideen6 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Renewal design build

While a single pillow means nothing for large reception rooms; it can mean the world for two-room combinations. When you mix the interior, every detail works like a mixer! Also, it is much cheaper to decorate with a single plan than with two separate ones.

Open shelves are an enemy

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas7 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Redbud Custom Homes

While you think wall cabinets are counterproductive to your open space; The “jumping” on the other hand turned out to be even more dangerous. Open shelves are a great kitchen solution (they look cute and inviting); But using it in the living room isn’t exactly the minimalist solution you needed.

In fact, it can create a mess that you never expected (one that has nothing to do with dirt and dust)! Some do-it-your-way designers can create entire lists of professionals with open shelves. and if you really want to listen to them plan out the shelves carefully.

Another thing to consider are colors and polishes: as expected, there must be no obvious clashes or contrasts. Does that mean you use the same tone for all shelves? Are you sure?

In summary, don’t make the “deadly sin” of using open shelves to divide areas. Why do you need artificial clutter to distinguish the space you envisioned spacious?

Go for a small kitchen table

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas9 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Clear architects

Nowadays people rarely use dining tables; and they choose to eat in front of the TV. With an open floor design, you are sure to belong to the group of families who do not benefit from a dining table either.

Take a moment and imagine the picture: a kitchen table; a dining table; and a smaller living room table. Is that not too much? Why not choose a small kitchen table that doesn’t take up space? It will be a lot easier to surrender the desert; and you won’t need an incredible effort to clean it.

Remember: Function comes first

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas8 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Environ Communities Ltd.

Open plans have a wonderful social dimension: they gather families together on all possible occasions; and they help you cook while you chat with your friends. Trust us – you will love this informal atmosphere!

In this context, we recommend that you choose functional furniture that is ideally comfortable and dirt-repellent.

Be in control of smell and noise

Open Kitchen and Living Room Design Ideas12 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: Valerie Grant Interiors

To be completely honest, open floor plans aren’t the best when it comes to curbing odor and noise. This is exactly why it is extremely practical: do your best to prevent the smell from steaming in the living room. or the sound of television from traveling to the kitchen.

First of all, make sure you have adequate means of odor extraction. If you can, move the stove or oven near a large window, ideally in the corner farthest from the collection area. If absolutely necessary, install folding doors that you only close when cooking.

When it comes to noise, things get a little more complicated. Unfortunately, it cannot be prevented that sound propagates in the room. and the least you can do is put in items that can “absorb” it (heavy curtains, soft throws, pillows, and bolsters). Folding doors can also help here.

Make sure you have enough space

Open plan kitchen and living room design ideas2 Open plan kitchen and living room design ideasImage source: MN Builders

Expect more storage space than usual with an open floor plan. Think of multipurpose items that can take on a storage role rather than bringing in piles from cabinets.

For example, you can install an island in the kitchen (it will be your work surface, but it will also “hide” the pots and plates); or coffin bars that will be your breakfast tables; and they’ll keep the cookbooks, snacks, or shopping bags.

Don’t change the style

Open-Kitchen-And-Living-Room-Design-Ideen11 Open Kitchen and Living Room Design IdeasImage source: HartmanBaldwin Design / Build

This statement ‘includes’ well everything that has been said before. Stylistic consistency and coherence are essential for the combination of kitchen and living room: all elements must interact in harmony with one another. and no piece should “pop out”. As simple as that!