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Bed frames made of acacia

Bed frames made of acacia

Acacia belongs to the genus of hardwoods and is characterized by a lively grain and intense color gradients. The wood is extremely robust and resistant, which is why it is very popular both indoors and outdoors. acacia beds are also spiked with extravagant details, creating a refined and exceptionally appealing atmosphere in every bedroom.

Especially in character and charisma: Beds made of acacia

The acacia belongs to the deciduous trees. Characteristic of acacia wood is its particularly high quality. It is fine, extremely tough, flexible and elastic. Due to its pronounced resistance to even the harshest environmental conditions and the most adverse weather conditions, acacia wood is not only used for the manufacture of interior furniture, but also widely used for the production of garden furniture, fences, privacy screens and other products for outdoor use.

Untamed natural beauty with style

Natural acacia wood is characterized by a very intense play of colors and extremely lively grain. To further enhance the specific expressiveness of the acacia, the surfaces are brushed, gently removing the soft components and promoting the natural structure. To soften the strong color and contrast effect, the wood is then often provided with a glaze or paint finish. A non-opaque paint is used to preserve the typical character of the acacia with shimmering grains and textures. At the same time, the wood surface is additionally protected from external influences by the application of paint.

Further information about beds made of acacia

Most solid wood beds are made from more classic furniture such as beech or oak. Accordingly, the offer and the distribution of these beds are correspondingly large. However, acacia beds are rarely found, which is why choosing a bed of this type is also the deciding factor for a fancy piece of furniture.