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Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn’t be overlooked

Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn’t be overlooked

In the world of growing technology and an age that is becoming modern by the second, choosing a vintage bedroom style seems very out of date. However, mixing and matching old fashioned with modern chic can give you a stunning look.

Not only that, but developing a taste for vintage bedroom ideas is easy on your wallet. If your living space has a hint of a 1940s bedroom or a 1950s bedroom, it will only emphasize how creative you can get!

So here in this article we have pretty classic vintage bedroom ideas that might pose a small risk, but once put together you will fall in love instantly!

Vintage bedroom Patterns and colors

Finding your way around the vintage palate is not difficult math. For an old bedroom vibe, choose softer colors like cream white, mint green, baby pink and so on.

Avoiding darker tones, intense neons, browns, and similar colors gives you a choice of vintage bedroom ideas. If you go for patterns, flowers, butterflies, birds, and peaceful scenes will be your best friends.

Places to look for vintage room decor

Marvin-door-and-window-by-DK-Boos-Glass-Inc Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: DK Boos Glass Inc.

To breathe! Just because you came across vintage decorating ideas doesn’t mean you need a village to find what you’re looking for. If you are looking for vintage products, garage sales, antique malls, vintage stores, and even garage sales are your reliable sources!

Creative DIY vintage decorating ideas

When it comes to vintage bedroom ideas, the good news is that you can get as creative as you want. This style is not just about finding the right piece of furniture or following current trends and rules.

In vintage bedrooms, you can even use a folding chair to replace your end tables! Using vintage decorative pieces can get you creative in unpredictable ways!

The lights and curtains

Shared-Girls-Room-Guest-Room-by-The-Inside-Story-Design-LLC Vintage Bedroom Ideas That You Shouldn't OverlookImage source: Inside Story Design, LLC

Among good vintage bedroom ideas, using Christmas lights can help you create a very retro headboard for your bed. You can even hang some drapes on your bedroom curtains and drape the lights the way your eyes please!

Mixing old and new furniture

Experience-a-Victorian-Christmas-at-the-Gibson-House-of-Mary-Prince-Photography Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: Mary Prince Photography

Everything in your bedroom doesn’t have to be old. If you go for the 50s bedroom, you can mix some antique pieces of furniture with new age pieces. For example, you can throw some vintage floral wallpaper, suitcases, and coat hangers into a bedroom filled with modern furniture.

Reuse vintage furniture

Just because an item’s usage is clearly described doesn’t mean you have to adhere to it. You can reuse the vintage furniture and save your money too!

DIY bedroom

Bedroom-Pretty-in-Pink-by-Apartmentjeanie Vintage bedroom ideas that you shouldn't overlookImage source: Apartmentjeanie

The best thing about vintage bedroom ideas is that it’s a lovely DIY project. You can go for funky headboards, flower curtains, throw in some vintage lamps by painting them yourself, get creative with the lights, put jewelry hooks on your wall and what not!

Retro bedding styles

For a vintage-style bedroom, visit your local thrift stores to get your hands on some vintage style sheets. You can even find them online by searching Etsy or another website. Just make sure that you handle the bedding with delicacy.

DIY votive holder

Vintage-pad-by-Van-H-Robinson vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: Van H. Robinson

To make votive holders yourself, cut a piece of scrap wood to the desired size. Place a cup hook and hang a mason jar with a chain. Put a candle in the jar and hang the board on your wall. This inexpensive way to create a decoration will make your room even more classy!

Add votive candles

To make another DIY vintage piece, you can put together a framed mirror as a base and four votive candlesticks in the corners. Put a pillar on its side and you will instantly transform the essence of your room!

DIY cloakroom

For more vintage bedroom ideas, you can build your own closet with broken doors. Just whitewash the frame and attach the molding to it. Also, place triangular cut pieces of wood, add shelves and hang the doors. You will have a new little corner cupboard in no time!

DIY privacy curtains

My-Houzz-Medieval-Meets-Contemporary-in-Montreal-by-Laura-Garner Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: Laura Garner

If you go for vintage decor, you can add an open private area to your room for yourself. Just get some fabric, tassels and hang it from the ceiling in one corner of the room. And you have a vintage-style locker room to yourself.

Vintage bed canopy making

Hillsborough-Transitional-by-Diedre-Shaw-Interiors Vintage Bedroom Ideas That You Shouldn't OverlookImage source: Diedre Shaw Interiors

To give your bed a vintage feel, simply mount old curtain rods around the four sides of your bed. Make sure they are supported by the ceiling, then place all kinds of linen curtains around them to create a four-poster bed.

Decorate branches

Rockledge-Road-Vail-Residence-by-K.-H.-Webb-Architects Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: KH Webb Architects

If you prefer a vintage hippie vibe, add some tree branches in your room as decorative pieces and drape twinkling lights on them. They also place little bird feeders to give your room a 50s sun porch spirit.

Polaroid wall art

For a vintage photo inspired by a Polaroid, use a photo application. Place your 3 inch photo on a white 3.5 inch background. Print it out and attach it to your wall with fabric needles. Decorate with yellow twinkling lights!

Vintage vanity

Classically designed bedrooms by J-Stephens-Interiors Vintage bedroom ideas that shouldn't be overlookedImage source: J. Stephens Interiors

For more vintage bedroom ideas, you can focus on the vanity in your bedroom. Find a perfect piece of furniture and place it elegantly in your room so that it offers the perfect view of your window in the mirror.

Lighter colors

Manotick-Custom-Home-by-Lagois-Design-Build-Renovate Vintage Bedroom Ideas That You Shouldn't OverlookImage source: Lagois Design Build Renovate

Combine vintage bedroom color schemes with a dash of lighter colors for a calming yet groovy effect.

Vintage inspired bedroom

Take your bedroom to the next level and get inspired by paying attention to various popular vintage prints, fashion styles, architects and more to get the creative vintage bedroom ideas flowing.

Items to add in your vintage bedroom

Farmhouse-Bedroom-by-LaurieAnnas-Vintage-Home Vintage bedroom ideas that you shouldn't overlookImage source: LaurieAnna’s vintage house

To soak up the authentic vintage vibe, consider various accessories / objects when shopping such as Tiffany lamps, vintage clocks, mid-century pots, iron stone jugs, dishes, salvaged windows, oddly shaped mirrors, old picture frames, handkerchiefs, botanical / buy floral prints, mannequins and so on.

Floral prints

The-Bluffs-Huntington-Beach-by-Squarefoot-Interior-Design Vintage Bedroom Ideas That You Shouldn't OverlookImage source: Squarefoot interior design

If you don’t understand anything else we were talking about, you can understand one thing. You can always make your room vintage-inspired by adding floral prints to the curtains, bedding, sofa covers, etc. A feminine look can take you a long way when you go for vintage home decorating projects.

Final thoughts on these vintage bedroom ideas

When thinking about vintage bedroom ideas, you can always mix the modern with the old to get the inspired look in your bedroom. While showcasing an iconic style, the way you put different vintage pieces together will invigorate your sense of style and bring your bedroom back to life. And with all of that, you won’t be using your credit card to decorate your room!

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