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Variations in loft beds

Variations in loft beds

Loft beds are very convenient for children’s room as they are perfect for kids and save a lot of space. A loft bed can offer space for other kid’s furniture in the room. A well designed and planned loft bed can revamp the room and will add creativity and cheerfulness.

• Styles: Loft beds are available in different styles. Different designs in loft beds are available to suit the style of the house. One can plan them according to the kid’s likes and preference and see the kids enjoying in their room with delight.

• Space: Loft beds provide extra space for additional furniture or play items in the room. A study table, a computer, lamp, book shelves, play area etc. can be easily adjusted in the room with a loft bed.

• Storage: The space below the loft can be used for storing clothes, books, shoes or any unwanted items. Some loft beds also come with shelves, drawers, and table etc. They can provide excellent storage space for kid’s items.
Options for Loft beds:

 Loft with Study area

 Loft beds with Play areas

 Loft beds with storage

 Loft with bunks

 Bunk beds: They are the most well-known type of lofts that are common in most households. They can have two or more stacks one above the other. They are also used in hostels and in some backpacker’s guest houses.

 Futon Bed: Futon beds are like sofa cum beds. They can be used for sitting during the daytime and can be opened up when want to use it for sleeping at night. They are very practical and flexible and can be used if guests turn up occasionally.

 Simple loft bed: A simple loft is a single bed with no other furniture attached to it. The below space of the loft can be used store another piece of small furniture or a personalized plan can be created for the same.

 Storage Loft beds: They may include drawers, small closet, dresser and additional storage space. The designs in this type vary and one can select according to their choices and preference.