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The story behind the success of thomasville furniture

The story behind the success of thomasville furniture

Thomasville furniture is a furniture-line manufacturer that is based in Thomasville in North Carolina. It has its dedicated galleries in at least 400 retail furniture stores. There are over 160 Thomasville Home Furnishing shops that stock only the products from Thomasville products. This company had been the subsidiary of Heritage Home group, Missouri Based furniture. Thomasville cabinetry is being crafted under Masterbrand Cabinets which is the division of the Fortune Brands Home and Security. Masterbrand Cabinets have branded products of Thomasville Furniture industries from different North American Facilities and they sell the cabinetry brand through Home Depot.

Thomasville furniture started like Thomasville Chair Company since 1904 and they were making 500 up to 1000 chairs every day. The company was bought by Thomas Jefferson Finch together with Charles F. Finch of Randolph County purchased this company in the year 1907. The chairs of Thomasville were crafted beautifully and how people responded made the company to start to develop other pieces. There are now over a 100 years that the story of Thomasville furniture started to be written. Now the company helps many people to tell their stories through the home furniture, cabinetry and accessories. They allow a person to express himself through the furniture in his home.

As the homes have evolved through all these years, the furniture of Thomasville has also evolved and they are now kept on the fashion throughout the day. They have achieved a flexible and dynamic spirit with the underlying everything that people does. The company has four independent retail stores and these are some of most successful licensed furniture collection of the entire industry, they are Humphrey Bogart, The collection of a lifetime and Ernest Hemingway.

The company has become successful because of the success of their furniture and the people who make Thomasville. The success of the company started when T.J and C.F Finch had the foresight of accepting the Thomasville stock to be the payment of the wood that they had already provided. When all the stockholders were bought out, these two started to shape the company so that it can be the brand that exist now and which had been known for the manufacturing quality and innovative designs.

The Thomasville furniture philosophy is based on quality and innovative and these are still embodied within the people of the company from headquarter to retail level. Each of the Single Employee is dedicated to help the people to express themselves through the products that were developed by Finch Brothers.