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How to choose the right chandeliers in the foyer?

How to choose the right chandeliers in the foyer?

Foyer chandeliers are perfect for illuminating an entrance. But people have trouble calculating the correct height of the chandelier. In several rooms, the chandelier must be hung over the floor by seven inches. This is not the case with foyer crowns. These should not be lower than seven inches but can certainly be higher.

Some rules regarding the height of the foyer crowns

If the foyer is two floors, your luminaire should hang below the second floor. If the foyer is only one floor, you must follow the rule that there must be a distance of 7’6 ”to the floor from the bottom of the chandelier. You must also remember that the foyer must always be hung in the middle of the room. Chandeliers seem smaller if they are hung quite high. Therefore, it is important to add a few inches to the fixture if you are considering hanging it high.

Think about the design

The placement of a foyer crown also depends on what the design would look like in a space. You can consider varying the height based on the look you plan to achieve. Based on the size, you may want to consider placing it a little lower or higher. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what looks best in your living space.

Chandelier size and height

Foyers and entrances are often the largest rooms in any house. Table lamps can prove to be a good accent. However, a foyer crown can significantly enhance the appearance of the site. The size of the luminaire is calculated based on the foyer. This depends on the size of the roof. The width must be 1 inch per foot of the roof width. This must be measured diagonally. For example, an 18 inch wide luminaire would prove to be perfect in a 12 × 12 foot entrance.

The height of the luminaire must be at least 3 inches per foot of the height of the room. For example, you can have a luminaire that is 24 inches high for an 8-foot ceiling. You are also considering the use of dimmers and switches while choosing a foyer chandelier. This will help you set the perfect tone in the room according to your mood and requirements. Having a dimmer is essential for all lamps.