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Why kitchens are important to home buyers

Why kitchens are important to home buyers

Selling a home is stressful and can be time consuming. Many homeowners turn to remodeling prior to selling to minimize time in the market while maximizing home value. A good space to start with is the kitchen because it is important to potential buyers. Fortunately, we’ve put together a guide on why and how Make your kitchen remodel Use as much as possible.

What buyers want

As with many things in life, potential buyers know within seconds whether or not they are interested in the home they are looking at. There’s a good chance they’ve viewed it online before their in-person visit. This means that you just have to keep their interest.

Sean-Lew Why Kitchens Are Important to Home Buyers

There are a few things that most potential buyers look for when looking for a home, like an open space and hardwood floors, but one of the best-selling features for any home is a modern kitchen. A home with a modern kitchen that does not require any work after purchase is ideal for any home that is about to enter the market.

Is the kitchen that important?

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house as it is used every day. Wear and tear is common in this busy space and this is why potential homeowners are willing to pay an extra cost for a kitchen that is as functional as possible. According to the National Association of Realtors, there are 11 home features buyers are willing to pay up to $ 2000 more for and of those features, 5 of those features are in the kitchen.

They include:

They are attractive and practical. These countertops have a long service life, so paying for replacement parts is often not necessary.

  • Stainless steel devices:

These devices are stylish, modern and easy to clean.

New equipment is a bonus for potential homeowners as it ensures that these additional costs are not required after purchase.

An eat-in kitchen is convenient and easy. It makes casual eating and quick meals easier for everyone.

Kitchen islands are incredibly functional as they offer prep space and additional storage space and can even be used for dining.

Difficult kitchen layout styles

modern-kitchen-4-1 Why kitchens are important to home buyers

It doesn’t matter what type of kitchen layout you have, any one can be attractive to buyers. It all depends on what you do with it. So don’t let the size of a kitchen disillusionment you with selling your home disappoint.

Often found layout styles:

Galley: Pantry kitchens are often small and narrow. All appliances, kitchen cabinets and counters run along two parallel walls. Minimalism is key in this type of kitchen. Islands are out of the question, so as an update, focus on new stainless steel or granite appliances.

A wall: These kitchens are exactly what they sound like. All devices and counters run along one wall. They are often found in condos and lofts. Adding an island is a great way to create additional storage and cooking space.

High-end kitchen appliances

Stainless steel and high quality kitchen appliances are a huge draw for potential homeowners. Consider:

Size isn’t everything when it comes to a new refrigerator. It should be able to hold enough food for the household, but it shouldn’t be oversized for the room. This makes the room look awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, focus on quality and functionality.

Nobody likes to wash up. Dishwashers are an important bonus for potential buyers.

Quality and functionality are of crucial importance when looking at ovens. It’s also a good idea to consider more kid-friendly options to attract young families.

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for homeowners. Not only will you be comfortable using them, but these devices will also reduce waste and save you money.

When are kitchen islands worth it?

modern-kitchen-6-1 Why kitchens are important to home buyers

Kitchen islands can be a great addition to a kitchen because of their functionality and the impact they have on the overall value of the home. That being said, they shouldn’t be used in every kitchen. Space is an important factor to consider when dealing with islands. The general rule is that there should be at least 42 inches of empty space on all sides of an island. If your kitchen can’t handle this, it’s a good idea to reconsider the island. Without this space, the room feels cramped and uncomfortable. A U-shaped kitchen island should be 10 feet long, otherwise the same space problem will arise.

Is it worth rebuilding?

In the end, every homeowner has to decide for himself. The good news is that kitchens make one of the highest returns on remodeling. Homeowners who remodel their kitchens typically get 69 percent back when they sell their home. This means that their homes are more attractive to potential buyers. Thanks to this fact, homeowners can also save valuable time and effort during the sales process. Kitchen remodeling can therefore be incredibly valuable.


Kitchens are one of the most important factors that potential buyers consider when purchasing a home. They have to be functional and welcoming, and having a kitchen that requires little work is a big selling point. Even small changes and updates can make a big difference to your home.