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Wall units

Wall units

If you want to create additional storage space without taking up additional space in the room, furniture with wall mounting is the right choice. Wall cabinets offer a closed body, which offers space for clothes and other utensils.

Practical storage space at a comfortable grip height on the wall: Wall cabinets

Often, wardrobe, dresser, and bedside table combined do not yet provide the space you need to keep your clothes and other accessories well-structured. In order to preserve the remaining free space in the room, it is advisable to resort to storage furniture in such cases, which can be mounted on the wall.

Further information about wall cabinets

Wall cabinets for flexible installation are impressive in their timeless appearance: solid front sections made of alder or oak as well as inexpensive alternatives with decorative surfaces offer an appealingly grained look that skilfully enhances your bedroom.

The mounting material is already included with many models. Thanks to the intelligent system, this is usually hidden behind the cabinet body so that no visible angles can be seen on the wall.