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Contemporary interior design elements that a house needs

Contemporary interior design elements that a house needs

That’s true, contemporary life has made its way into almost every aspect of our lives and it hasn’t even surpassed the interior design.

It started with our clothes, our cars, and our technology, and it soon carried over to every single object we have in our home. No wonder that designers push their way through so-called modern architecture, mostly breaking the richness of traditional concepts to create something simple and minimalist.

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs13 contemporary-interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Abramson Teiger Architects

The widely accepted theory is that the trend repudiates styles from the 13th to 15th centuries as it supports clean and strict lines, inconspicuous decor and freshness.

Hence, modern often refers to taking elements out instead of bringing them in. Let’s review the contemporary interior decoration elements that a home needs:

Lots of natural light

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs1 Contemporary interior-design-elements that a house needsImage source: Eisner Design LLC

Light is essential to human existence always and everywhere. It affects our surroundings, but most of all it affects how we feel.

It has been scientifically proven that people, like plants, react to light. This is why you need to make sure that there is enough sun in the rooms where you spend most of your time.

You can enlarge your windows, design a skylight for a breathtaking ceiling panorama or open the room completely towards your beautiful, sunny garden. Whatever you do, avoid dark and closed rooms with no air and natural light.

Colors have the solution

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs2 Contemporary interior-design-elements that a house needsImage source: Taylor Hannah Architect Inc.

Contemporary styles support neutral schemes, so the colors you most commonly find there are white, beige, taupe, and brown. Stronger colors are acceptable as long as you use them modestly and display them on small accent details (pillows, rugs, artwork, etc.).

Try not to overdo it as the place would look cluttered and far from the ideal simplicity of contemporary style.

Amazing homes are never overwhelmed by color, regardless of their style. With so many shades of color, there is no way you can highlight the extraordinary elements and you are sure to spend more than you expected.

Furthermore, vivid details can only be effective if used intelligently. Take this into account if you want your space to look cool.

Natural and beautiful materials for your indoor / outdoor use

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs3 Contemporary-interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Tara Seawright interior design

Many people confuse the use of natural materials with simple wooden furniture, but there is much more to it than that in a modern home.

This requires natural and organic solutions, both for the surface and for the interior. Furniture, for example, can be made of leather, while such can also be used for smaller decorative elements.

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs4 Contemporary-interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Suiter Construction Company, Inc.

Other materials that you should use and cotton, wool, wood, stone, tile or beautiful textiles. The good thing is that they work amazingly well for both traditional and modern spaces.

Again, modern doesn’t have to be cold – you can use natural materials to make the place more welcoming, especially fabrics like linen, wool, silk, or crushed velvet.

You can apply them on your window treatments, upholstery, pillows, or even wallpaper. You will see that they go perfectly with other modern concepts, like sleek lines and clean metal accents.

However, elaborate patterns are to be avoided as they have nothing to do with the clean appearance that modern homes seek to achieve.


Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs6 Contemporary interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

The thing is simple: keep the surfaces clean and smooth, avoiding carving and heavy ornamentation. Make silhouettes slim but not dainty, and use light-colored woods like birch and maple.

These have a minimal grain size and adapt to the other smooth surfaces such as steel, chrome, nickel or glass.

Keep the floors clear but splendidly finished

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs5 contemporary-interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: David Sharff Architect, PC

Contemporary designers are asking for fewer and fewer elements, and that applies to floors in particular. Contemporary floors should be simple, made of beautifully processed hardwood and have nothing on it.

Other interesting solutions are ceramic and porcelain tiles, marble or stone, natural enough to be part of the amazing contemporary panorama.

The comfort you used to have with carpets can easily be achieved with soft carpets under your feet, especially in the seating areas of your living room and dining room.

The open floor flow

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs7 Contemporary interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Carlton architecture

The first thing that would grab your attention in a modern home is the open floor complex, which allows one to take full advantage of the flexibility of the place while keeping all family activities in one main area.

There is a visual distinction between zones, but they gradually merge together while the transformation is not noticeable or unexpected.

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs8 Contemporary interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

The biggest advantage of open floors is that they are brighter because it allows light to spread evenly instead of being confined in a single room.

Acoustics are an added benefit that enriches the sound and makes the place a lot cozier than usual, along with the fact that there are no walls that make you feel cramped inside. Additional advantage: spaciousness!

Streamlined details for the exterior

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs9 Contemporary interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: chadbourne + doss architects

If you did choose to accept contemporary influence in your home, then why leave it aside for the exterior? Believe it or not, it is very important to use the same style. Therefore, remove all curvilinear, classical and historical ornaments from your building.

If possible, replace the standard roof with what appears to be a flat cover, the overhangs of which are cantilevered and large and blend in with the nature of your home almost instantly.

Be as creative as possible with your windows as any shape outside of the normal range will add a more contemporary look.

May sound complicated this way, but a contemporary exterior refers to the complication of ornate and fish-scalloped siding and roofs with simple solutions, either a single siding or maximally simplified accents.

to shine

Contemporary Interior Design Elements That A House Needs10 Contemporary Interior Design Elements That A House NeedsImage source: Adam Dettrick Architects

Luminaires in modern rooms are more than just sources of visibility – they make an artistic statement! Designers mainly recommend table and floor lamps, both with sleek metallic surfaces or a special shade to make them more playful.

Dimming controls and built-in lights are mandatory to adjust the atmosphere or to draw attention to important accessories and works of art.

Technology is no longer exposed

If you’re up to date, do a little work on the hidden element games that designers love so much. Apart from the main focus, try to “hide” technical innovations with the help of remote controls and wireless connections. This is especially true for heating and cooling systems, which used to be quite exposed.

The solution is both beautiful and practical, along with the fact that it is the most luxurious touch that you can apply at home.

Metal accents

Contemporary-interior-design-elements-that-a-house-needs11 Contemporary-interior-design elements-that-a-house-needsImage source: Camelot Homes

Use metals like nickel, steel, or chrome as these are the most common choices for sleek surfaces and a sleek look. For example, you can buy stainless steel appliances in the kitchen or choose from a variety of metal-coated bathroom fittings.

Interestingly enough, metals find their place in other rooms too, so many pieces of furniture, shelves, works of art, and lamps are actually made up of them. If nothing else, make sure there is consistency between spaces.

Think up to date

Contemporary-Interior-Design-Elements-A-House-Needs12 contemporary-interior-design elements-a-house needsImage source: Moroso construction

It is true – this is a trend, and it will most likely change in a few years. Trends influence one another, however, and there is no reason to assume that sleek and formal design like the contemporary one will not be perfect in the future either.

Designers believe that contemporary style will last forever, right because it’s so practical. Minimalist means airy, light and fresh, and we all want to live that way.

It is best to determine your design choices based on your lifestyle and not the other way around. At the end of the day it is your home and you are allowed to customize, combine and repeat every detail that you think would make your home beautiful and unforgettable.