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upholstered beds

upholstered beds

Whether upholstered in genuine leather, velor or woven fabric – upholstered beds ensure more cosiness in the bedroom, as both the bed frame and headboard are softly padded and visually perfectly matched. Another plus in comfort: Many bed models are true storage space wonders because they have spacious bedding boxes that are quickly and easily accessible thanks to functional Springauf slatted frames.

Special comfort and high comfort factor: Upholstered beds

Upholstered beds are characterized by the fact that the bed frame is provided with a soft padding and a cover, which gives the entire bed a very harmonious look. Like all other types of beds, upholstered beds are manufactured in various single and double bed sizes, such as 140×200 cm or 180×200 cm.

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With an upholstered bed, you can realize a variety of living and furnishing styles in your bedroom, as these beds are made in numerous designs. For example, the upholstered beds have very straight-lined bed models in black, gray or white, which are ideally suited to modern living styles.

Home / Bedroom / Upholstered beds

Upholstered beds

Upholstered beds

Oversized upholstered beds fulfill the desire for plenty of room to stretch out their arms and legs at night. In addition, the various models in appealing designs also bring your eyes to light during the day. Whether curved or straight headboards, loungers with fabric or imitation leather cover – selection is large and meets many tastes. All extra-long upholstered beds have one thing in common: they are available in lengths of 210 cm and / or 220 cm.

Comfortable decking for your bedroom: Upholstered beds in extra length

Spread comfortably in bed and enjoy the space of an extra large sunbathing area! Extra-length upholstered beds give you more space in the 10 cm or 20 cm length. If you like to sleep with your arms and / or legs outstretched, use a large pillow, or sleep to fall down, you will not want to miss the luxury of a special-length upholstered bed. Tall people from 180 cm tall should choose the oversize 220 cm in any case.

A bed with comfortable backrest

Whether you prefer a bed with artificial leather, velor or fabric cover, you have to decide for yourself. Almost every bed model we offer you in a specially composed color collection. About the color filter you will quickly find your dream bed in the color of your choice. Particularly trendy are stylish fabric-wood combinations with casual cover and feet in fine wood grain. For many bed models, you also get matching bedspreads and pillows, which make the bedroom even more comfortable.

More information about designer beds in excess length

Some upholstered beds combine bed frames and comfortable sofa backrests. The softly padded headboards provide a comfortable area to lean on, while a large reclining area provides the basis for the best sleeping comfort. The bed frame is also softly padded on many models, so that painful shocks at bed edges are a thing of the past.