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Ultimate comfort – sofa beds

Ultimate comfort – sofa beds

One can get a perfect look for their homes with sofa beds. They serve two purposes that of a bed and a sofa. It is a flexible piece of furniture that can be used for sitting during the day time and for sleeping during the night. It can be placed in the living room for extra seating space or in the guest room. Different style, designs and size of sofa beds can be found in the market. Right from cot sized sofa beds to queen sized sofa beds are available.

• Clic clac sofa beds: These are very stylish and contemporary types of sofa beds. The back of the sofa can be fold down to form a bed. Clic clac sofas are very simple to use and are recommended for families with small children.

• Fold out sofas: As the name suggests these sofas can be fold out to convert the sofa into a bed. They unfold to create a floor height sleeping space. Fold out sofas can be used by young children to sleep on it.

• Pull out sofa: Wide variety of pull our sofas are available in the market. Pull out sofas provide the highest level of comfort to the user. It consists of removable cushions and a metal bed frame. On lifting the front bar the bed can be pulled out and mattress can be put on separately. It is little complicated as compared to clic clac or fold out sofas.

 2 fold

 Trundle

 Love seat etc.

 Use: First decide on the usability of the sofa bed. Decide if the sofa bed will be used potently as a bed or a sofa. Consider your needs and preference. Check different mechanisms available in the market. Check their pricing, quality, size, mechanisms etc.

 Space: One can select the sofa bed according to the space available in the house. If space is not an issue then it is advisable to go for queen sofa bed. For smaller space one can select twin size sofa beds. Sofa beds are available in different sizes and shapes. One can easily find the best sofa bed for their available space.

 Comfort: Comfort should be the top most priority when buying a sofa bed. Sofa bed should be provide the required comfort level and should be soft. A person should feel relaxed and stress free after sitting on it. It should also provide enough space for the user to sleep on it. A full sized sofa bed is comfortable and spacious.