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Shelves for baby room

Shelves for baby room

Shelves provide additional storage in the baby room. In open compartments, diapers and powders are always at hand and behind the doors, spare pacifiers and change linens can be stowed away perfectly. In addition to storage shelves for wardrobes, you also get flexible shelving systems that can be individually tailored to your needs – for example, if you need a baby shelf under the pitched roof or in small niches.

Additional storage space for all sorts of things: Shelves for the baby room

Most shelves are characterized by being subdivided with shelves and primarily offering open shelves. However, there are also shelf models that have next to the open storage options still drawers or a closed storage behind closet doors. In addition, modular shelving systems are available, which can be adapted to suit individual wishes and requirements with the help of accessories or the use of additional modules.

Versatile and attractive in appearance

Many widths and heights on the baby room shelves ensure that there is a suitable shelf for every type of room. For example, low shelves can also be placed optimally under sloping ceilings, while extra-wide models can be ideally used for optical room separation.

Now upgrade your baby room with a shelf

shelves for the baby room are characterized by their high material quality and particularly clean and child-resistant workmanship. So there are, among other things, no sharp corners and edges where your child could hurt.

Give yourself and your child more storage space in the baby room and use one of our high-quality shelves for the furnishings. Many models are available in various designs and with many accessories available.