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Thermal blanket – a life saver

Thermal blanket – a life saver

Thermal blanket is made up of a light and low bulk heat reflecting, thin plastic sheet. It is also called a space blanket or an emergency blanket. Thermal blanket is designed to keep the bodily heat of the user contained in the body. The heat reflecting material stops heat radiation, convection and water vaporization. They are very cheap to manufacture. Unlike the typical bulky blankets, there is no wool or fur or any other type of warm fabric involved. Therefore they are light weight and cheap which lets us use them as disposable blankets.

Thermal blankets are light weight and way smaller in size as compared to other bulky blankets. Furthermore, they are water proof and wind proof as well. These characteristics make them ideal for use in emergency situations. So they are a requisite part of any first aid box, where they are used to prevent hypothermia. The thermal blanket seals the body off from the cold air and stops the heat radiation and water vaporization. So the heat remains contained inside the body and the chances of hypothermia are reduced to a minimum level.

Due to the heat resistant properties and the smaller size, they are the best to be used in space ships. Moreover, they are included in camping material as well where it serves two purposes: keep the heat contained in the body and the metallic surface flashes out in sunshine which helps the searchers to find the campers in case they are lost somewhere. Moreover, the thermal blankets are given to athletes and marathoners before and after the race in order to avoid the chilly weather.

Thermal blankets can prove to be life-saving at the times of emergency only if they are used in the right way. In order to warm a person, the thermal blanket should be tightly wrapped around the body with the shiny side facing towards the body.

Thermal blanket can be bought from household retail stores, as well as online web stores. Their price ranges from $5 to $50, depending upon the size and quality of the blanket. Their low price and greater benefits make them a must buy.