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The beauty of English country style home decor

The beauty of English country style home decor

The key to creating authentic English country house culture in your home is to create a relaxed, rustic feel. Comfort is the order of the day, with eccentric patterns and a mix of classic and modern furniture.

Historical notes should be added in the form of antique ornaments, and feminine accents should be mixed with complementary colors for a true English country effect. Essentially, designs need to flow with less contrast, although you can opt for a completely traditional look or just a sleek classic twist on a modern space.

The epitome of the English country house has to evoke an air of timelessness. The atmosphere must capture the grandeur of aristocratic rural life, but still be friendly and livable. It can be a challenge to reproduce bold patterns that are paired with strong carpets and duck egg wood paneling painted blue to present a historical image.

Large portraits, perfectly hung, contrast with delicate watercolors grouped around an antique fireplace. All of these details conjure up a picture of English rural perfection and can be difficult to copy. This article will show you clever ways to adapt your modern home to this unique design and you will find that by changing some key elements in your living space you too can enjoy the good life of the English country.

Overall decor

Overall decor The beauty of the English country house style

To capture the essential English country style home decor, you need to first look at your color palette, fabrics, and flooring. Go for darker shades than a typical modern home – you look for browns and dark reds for floors, while wall coverings and fabrics should have patterns.

Curtains, table and seat covers should make the most of floral themes, and those with an autumnal flair should go best with the style. Chintz fabrics are the key to the look, as are tassels, fringes, plaids and trimmings.

There is no room for minimalism in English interiors – the traditional look seems confusing. Don’t be afraid to show off all your ornaments, souvenirs, photos and decorations with pride. If you think you need more collectibles to show off, head to antique markets and look for bargains, as well as small tables or cabinets that can be used to display your collection.

Essential accessories to enliven the English countryside include framed dried flowers and landscapes, wall-mounted porcelain, embroidered pillows, crystal chandeliers, and vases. Arrange these according to your taste.


Country-Living-Room-5 The beauty of English country style home decor

In general, you want wood furniture with brass accessories and details instead of the more modern chrome. Bookcases made of pine and oak, as well as dark-stained wooden cabinets and tables are perfect. Sofas and chairs are best upholstered in velvet or leather – the stylish Chesterfield sofa is the ideal choice. Overcrowded comfort is key and all furniture must be durable and of high quality.

The kitchen

The-Kitchen The beauty of English country style home decor

The kitchen is the heart of your home and a beehive full of productivity. This is the place where you cook, eat and work. You spend so much time in this room that enjoying the space is important – loving the way your kitchen looks and feels is the best way to improve your cooking skills!

While a rustic kitchen can be attractive and you may be hooked up to your old appliances, consider upgrading to a modern kitchen. The internet is full of ideas that you can adapt to the individual style of your home and your personal tastes to make your kitchen unique, beautiful and a wonderful place.


Living Spaces The beauty of English country style home decor

Most of your time at home is spent in your living room, and it really is the place where the whole family can come together and spend quality time. To do this, your living room furniture needs to be inviting and comfortable. Entertain your guests and help your family feel at home by choosing the perfect furniture set – sofas, chairs, wall units, bookcases and entertainment center. Keep your selections in line with the look you are trying to create and make sure that home comfort is paramount.

The dining room

The-Dining-Room The beauty of English country-style home decor

A dining room is the indispensable space to complete your home. It is vital to any property that wants to mimic English style home decor. No English country house would be complete without a stylish dining area with matching table and chairs.

Choosing the right dining furniture is critical to creating an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication that your family will enjoy every day, whether you’re celebrating a special event or a simple family dinner. Choose a design and material that will suit the decor of your home and make sure it is durable and long lasting.

The bedroom

The-Bedroom-2 The beauty of English country house culture

The-Bedroom-11 The beauty of English country home décor

Of all the rooms in the house, the bedroom is the one that is most subject to personal taste. Your bedroom is where you turn for comfort and tranquility to encourage restful sleep and sweet dreams. Loving your bedroom is the key to a good night’s sleep. So choose your furniture wisely and adapt it to the style of your home.

A wardrobe is essential in your bedroom – either a walk-in closet with space for a large closet or a smaller unit ideal for personal items.

Converting existing rooms into an English country theme

Converting Existing Rooms into an English Country Theme-1 The beauty of English country style home decor

Here are some handy and simple tips for customizing your current home to add a touch of English country style:

Make sure that every room has a touch of warmth and comfort that is inhabited and cozy. Resist the temptation to be too casual – too casual is synonymous with messy, and that’s not the look we’re going for here.

Combine Fabrics – Add texture to any room using pillows, throws and drapes in a choice of colors, styles and patterns. For an authentic look, choose floral prints or hand-embroidered fabrics.

Avoid blinds and use curtains instead. Those made from velvet or floral fabrics are most effective at restoring the look.

Conversion of existing rooms into an English country theme 2 The beauty of English country house culture

Cover the coffee tables and make sure that the upholstery fabric goes all the way to the floor. Decorate the tables with small ornaments or flower vases.

Add a fireplace and mantelpiece to your room. If you are lucky enough to already have a coal fire, you’re in luck. Alternatively, you can just browse antique fairs and flea markets for used carved wood mantels to bring out the quintessentially English look. Decorate the fireplace area with brass and candlesticks to further enhance the look.

Decorate your room with antiques. Both furniture and ornaments from antique fairs are the ideal accompaniment to the English country house.

Whatever you do to add a touch of English country style to your modern property, make sure you are happy with your choices. The most important aspect of English country life is comfort and coziness. If your new design twist doesn’t live up to these expectations, it’s time to reconsider. When done to perfection, your newly adapted English cottage style home will be a joy to live in.

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