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split king box spring

split king box spring

King box spring or foundations are designed to match with the mattresses and provide them support. The spring and the mattress have to work together to reduce the wear and tear and increase the overall efficiency and comfort of the mattress. Using an old box spring over a new mattress will affect the durability and life of the mattress and will also hamper the manufacturer’s warranty.

Box springs are a series of springs or coils that are thick and strong and provide support to the mattress. They are designed to increase the height of the mattress. Today generally the mattresses do not need a box spring. These mattresses usually have foundations that can withstand the weight and absorb tensions. They are very long lasting, comfortable, durable and less expensive.

 Bed frames: The bed frame will determine the need of the mattress base. If the bed frame is designed to accommodate both the box spring and the mattress then it is advisable to select the box spring accordingly.

 Size: The size of the box spring really matters as it increases the height of the mattress and hence the bed. Certain factors like who would be using the bed, what height is preferred etc. should be decided upon to select the right size of the box spring.

 Perfect pairing: Mattress and box spring should go hand in hand. There should be perfect pairing between the two. If mismatched the quality and comfort of the mattress will be affected and will no longer be reliable for the user.

 Warranty: It is important to use the perfect box spring or foundation that is designed for that particular mattress. The manufacturer will not consider the warranty if anyone fails to do so.

 Box spring evenly distributes the body weight between the mattresses

 It increases the life and strength of the mattresses.

 Box spring absorbs the weight and tension from the mattresses.

 They provide a firm surface to the mattress.

 Box spring offers good level of comfort to the users.

 They maintain the mattress shape and reduce its wear and tear.