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Rules for buying glass floor lamps

Rules for buying glass floor lamps

Height of shade

Floor lamps have become an attractive part of the living room and the most important thing about the glass floor lamps is the lampshade. Choosing the lampshade seems to be easy but the challenging part is that the lampshade needs to go with the base of lamp and the décor of room. There are number of glass lampshades available in the stores and the online market and it is your choice to choose the one which suits your needs. The lampshades are like the hats and if they are too small or large then it looks silly. Thus the perfect size of the lampshade is important.

Height of the shade

There are some rules of thumb. The height of the shade should be three quarters to the height of the base. The shade base width is to be equal to the lamp height from base to the fitting. The shade is to be half inch wide than base and it should be on both the sides so that the lamp looks balanced. If you are confused between two sizes then always prefer to choose the larger size. The size looks different in the showroom and at your place. Preferring the larger one will be helpful.

Space for lamp

When you are choosing the glass floor lamp make sure to check the space where you will be placing the lampshade. If the room is too large and empty then a large floor lamp will support instead of the cluttered one. The glass floor lamps are available in different lampshades including the empire, drum, oval, square and the straight empire shapes. The empire and the straight empire lampshades are the classic round shapes. When you are choosing the right shape you need to consider both the room and lamp position and also the lamp base. You need to match the base of the lamp and the shade as well to get a cohesive look. The round lampshades are much popular as far as the glass floor lamps are considered. The square shades are also popular as they can be placed against wall thus being advantageous at limited space.