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Parsons Table

Parsons Table

The invention of


The historical past behind the Parsons table dates back to the 1930’s when Mr. Jean-Michel Frank designed it whereas he was working for the Parson Paris College of Arts and Design. It was initially designed to be a quite simple and primary table. On this model the thickness of the 4 sq. legs of the table are precisely the identical as that of the table prime, whatever the different dimensions.  Parsons table is fashionable in addition to contemporary and their clear-cut design has made them very fashionable for interior decorations. We now have coffee tables, side tables and dining tables that conform to Parsons table requirements.

Kinds of parson dining tables

Vintage Parson table :- This can be a good addition to any room particularly for a mid century fanatic because it superbly captures the time interval of a bygone period.

Upholstered Parson table : Among the parson tables can have a really tough and ragged exterior however due to its quite simple and minimalistic dimensions, they will simply be upholstered with embossed fabric or vinyl polished sheets. It’s a superb idea to recreate all the look of an previous parson table with these upholsteries.

Glass topped parson table : The traditional parsons table is made up of hot-rolled metal frame with uncooked edges on every side. On this sort, the highest layer is roofed with crystal clear, clear floating glass that is atleast just a few inches thick with a flat edge. The glass used is non-tempered.