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Tips on bedroom lighting

Tips on bedroom lighting

Bedrooms are an essential part of our living space and play a multifunctional role in the house. The average bedroom isn’t just a sleeping zone, it’s a special intimate place where family members can snuggle up, connect, and relax.

As modern homes are smaller than ever, the bedroom had to take a new position in our homes, moving from a simple sleeping space to a multipurpose space. And what better way to set the mood than with some atmospheric and beautiful lighting ideas for the master bedroom?

Find a style that suits your personal taste to give your room a homely and calming look. Remember, however, that practicality is still key. Not only should your bedroom lighting look attractive, it should also be functional so that you can easily read, study and watch TV.

Finding lighting that meets all of these requirements can be difficult. However, you can find inspiration with these master bedroom lighting tips to revamp your home bedroom lighting scheme and create a beautiful but versatile space.

Ambient lighting

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Your standard bedroom ceiling lights may do absolutely nothing to enhance your home decor. Often times, this type of lighting is neither functional nor attractive as it flattens the textures, colors and patterns of your space into a dull, muddy mess.

One way to update your bedroom ceiling lights is to opt for a pretty chandelier instead of a simple light fixture, or to go a step further and replace your light fixture with track or recessed lighting for a really contemporary look that works particularly well in small spaces.

A quick and inexpensive way to brighten up a dull room is to choose a brightly colored paper lantern or shade to cover your light fixture. However, remember not to put the paper too close to the lightbulb as this can be a fire hazard.

Illuminate work areas

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More and more, we are using our bedrooms to do a range of tasks, from studying to sewing, to playing and working. It can be difficult to make sure your lighting is up to the job. However, recessed lights or track lights can solve the problem thanks to their brighter bulbs.

Another option is to use a floor or desk lamp. You can choose an elegant version to enhance the appearance of your room. Choosing an ornate floor lamp next to a comfortable chair will make a bold yet classic statement, while choosing a steel or chrome floor lamp creates a cool, modern look. A pendant lamp or a row of colorful pendants directly above the work zone create an attractive sculptural look.

Set the mood

Accent lighting is the ideal way to define the atmosphere of your bedroom. This can be accomplished as easily as dragging a couple of fairy lights over a window. However, if you’re looking for something a little more complex, you can spend more time and money on nifty details like a chandelier or ceiling fan above the bed, or elegant wall sconces on either side of a shelf, artwork, or mantelpiece.


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Accent lighting is key to creating a romantic mood in any bedroom, and this too is relatively easy to create. By installing a dimmer switch, you can adjust the intensity of the lighting in your room to create a more relaxing environment, or you can just go for the budget version of some pretty candles and fairy lights.

Light your closets

How many times have you looked for something in the back of your closet and couldn’t find what you were looking for because the room was too dark? If you put LED lights in your wardrobe, your clothes will be illuminated and at the same time it is an energy efficient solution.

Maximize the natural light

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During the day you should pull back your curtains with tiebacks and let the natural daylight through. If privacy is an issue for your home, why not add a mesh curtain that lets soft light through but keeps your bedroom activities private?

Ceiling lights

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For an all-round light that is ideal for general tasks, a single general ceiling light is perfectly sufficient. To avoid too harsh an effect, choose a pale shade and a low-wattage light bulb.

Table lamps

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As a standard by the bed, the table lamp still plays a functional role in the modern bedroom. Choose from myriad colors, sizes, and styles to complement your bedroom decor.

Wall lamps

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The wall lamp is elegant and stylish and makes reading in bed a breeze. Don’t put your wall lights higher than 6 feet from the floor unless you need to adjust them to compensate for a very low bed frame or ceiling. However, it is important to ensure that the upward facing sconces are placed high enough that you cannot see the lightbulbs at eye level.

Ceiling fans

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A ceiling fan is the perfect solution to comfortably illuminate your room in warm weather while maintaining a comfortable temperature. Control your fan with a bedside remote control so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn it on or off. If you want a soft effect from a ceiling fan light, choose an upward-facing lightbulb or a shade-covered light.

Hanging devices

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There are many options for hanging lights so you can find one that is ideal for your style. If you’re hoping for a more casual feel, a lantern is a good choice, while a chandelier is more refined and perfect for glamorous spaces.

Reading lights

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If you read a lot in bed, you need a height-adjustable lamp on the wall that creates a soft light that will protect your eyes from strain while also providing an appropriate glow.


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While pendant lights are most likely to be found in kitchen spaces, they can work just as well in a stylish bedroom if you hang them on either side of your bed, eliminating the need for expansive bedside tables or vanities and dressers to give the space a fashionable edge.

light switch

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Making sure your light switches are perfectly positioned can really improve your enjoyment of the room. For maximum comfort, flip the switches by the bed so you never have to walk up and down to turn the lights on and off.


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There is a wide variety of lightbulbs with different intensities, shapes and sizes. Pick the ones that best go with your decor and remember that the light bulb you choose will create different effects. For example, decorative filaments give a retro look, while halogen is bright, crisp and modern. A low wattage lightbulb is perfect for creating a soft yellow glow that gives off heat.

A good idea is to cleverly place lights to highlight features of your room such as shelves, fireplaces, or wall art. Get inspiration wherever you can and don’t be afraid to be creative and resourceful when it comes to getting the most out of your bedroom’s features through clever lighting solutions.