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Wall bedside table – helpful and delightful

Wall bedside table – helpful and delightful

Styles and tastes are not up for discussion, and this is especially true of the interior.

Every house is decorated differently and has a unique story to tell. What all households have in common, however, is that they strive for comfort and quick organization.

It is only up to you to decide how far you would go with your exciting experiments to turn your house into a real home. We believe floating bedside tables are a good idea to get started.

DIY bedside table ideas

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful1 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: David Howell Design

Not everyone can afford a luxurious guest room, but even those who can will occasionally try to provide guests with a more dynamic experience.

Making a bedside table is not a big hassle and gives you the freedom to easily adapt it wherever it’s needed.

Pick some simple shelves or a floating bedside table for decoration and the job is done.

Finally, don’t worry – these don’t look like unattended and cheap bedside tables! Instead, your guests will appreciate the creativity you have put into their accommodation.

How to use a floating bedside table

Wall-mounted bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful2 Wall-mounted bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Matthew Mallett Photography

Wall-mounted bedside tables are superior when it comes to filling your home with exciting items. Basically, this bedside table has the same function as a regular bedside table, but the main difference is that it floats in the air.

No safety concerns required – there are plenty of guides out there to show you how to build a bedside table by pinning it into the wall with strong screws.

Why should you replace your traditional bedside table?

Wall-nightstand-helpful-and-wonderful7 Wall-mounted nightstand - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Texas Construction Company

We all know how bulky and impractical traditional bedside tables can be, but we still can’t do without their functionality. Regardless of the footprint they take up, most of us have never thought of a smarter alternative to replace them.

It might sound like a crazy experiment, but wouldn’t a rustic bedside table on the ceiling sound absolutely cool?

There are plenty of other cheap bedside table ideas to consider including a wall-mounted bedside table, flat pieces of wood, or even simple bedroom shelf ideas.

Just like a traditional bedside table, the floating bedside table offers space for all common items that can be reached with your fingertips without you having to wipe and sweep under them. A normal box shape is even enough for a handy storage unit.

Mounted lights on the bed

When decorating a small bedroom, people usually exclude bedside tables due to lack of space, but that doesn’t eliminate the need for lighting the bed.

For this reason, we recommend installed lighting, which ideally is done in an appealing manner and matches your style and preferences.

The availability factor

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful3 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Tim Clarke Design

The idea of ​​a floating bedside table, while original, can still be found in any shapes, colors, sizes and materials you want.

Think about what you need and what your home could benefit from in order to choose the perfect one. Loaded bedside tables could use a metallic base, while wood patterns look more appealing to the eye.

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful11 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Keith Baker Design Inc.x`

Whatever you choose, make sure you have the correct dimensions of the room and that you have chosen a table that is neither too big nor too small.

Another handy idea that can save space is to use bedside tables, or even a single, thin shelf that you can place books, phones, and alarm clocks on.

In case you don’t really love the idea of ​​open storage, assemble a drawer and complete it with a photo or table lamp in a modern setting.

Tips and ideas for floating bedside tables

Wall-mounted bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful4 Wall-mounted bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Cassidy Hughes interior design & styling

Let’s face it: we’ve all overlooked the importance of bedside tables: for most of us, they’re just by-products that keep lamps and books in. In this way we suppress their ability to become the most unique, epic pieces of design.

Read some of the most creative ideas we’ve gathered to guide you and master the nightstand craft to transform your bedroom decor forever.

Cover an old table with wood and use it

Wall-nightstand-helpful-and-wonderful8 Wall-mounted nightstand - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Anna Casa

The trick requires a simple wooden pallet on an old table that you don’t use or you may find less fancy. The cost is minimal and you still get the fantastic and cozy wood structure that will make your house a home.

A single floating shelf

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful12 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Sergio Mercado Design

This is a smart idea even where bedside tables have not been considered at all, especially due to the lack of flooring material.

We also recommend it to minimalists who have no plans to redecorate it anytime soon and who value function more than looks.

Work-inspired ideas in bed

Wall-mounted nightstand-helpful-and-wonderful5 Wall-mounted nightstand-helpful and wonderfulImage source: Phil Kean Design Group

Lawyers can consider their old desks and bookcases as practical alternatives to bedside tables, especially if they want to read before bed or store books in an elegant, industrial way.

Noble DIY bedside tables made of wooden beams

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful6 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Lane Williams Architects

Sounds difficult, but it’s a relatively simple process as long as you have the tools and know how to use them.

Your friends can help with similar projects and help transform your bedside table into a timeless reminder of an exciting experience.

A bedside table full of drawers

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful10 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Virtual studio innovations

Chest-like drawer bedside table solutions offer a whole new functionality for storage, especially when you know how different shapes, sizes, materials and finishes are and how easily you can incorporate them into the rest of your decor.

Multipurpose bedside tables

Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful13 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: About: Space, LLC

Why waste money on a brand new bedside table? If you already have a small table in the room, double use it or cut an old one in half and make separate bedside tables for each side of the bed.

Epically displayed vertical wooden boxes

Wall-mounted nightstand-helpful-and-wonderful14 Wall-mounted nightstand - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Bamesberg architecture

Simple to and fro boxes are sufficient for watches and jewelry, but require at least one shelf for books and other items.


Wall-bedside table-helpful-and-wonderful9 Wall-bedside table - helpful and wonderfulImage source: Baldridge Architects

Floating bedside tables are both beautiful and functional, and will help you keep any glasses, books, phones, or alarm clocks near the bed without covering your flooring.

Plus, they’re an affordable alternative to traditional bedside tables, which come in all sizes, shapes, and materials to support your comfort design ideas.

By floating, we are actually referring to wall-mounted bedside tables that literally have no connection to the floor and look lightweight for a spacious and airy appearance.

Even so, a cool bedside table can be made out of almost any old and abandoned piece of furniture that makes you feel nostalgic, with a modest repaint or ornate touch. All it takes is to put your creativity into action!