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Metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchen

Metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchen

One of the keys to creating a sleek modern kitchen is metal kitchen cabinets.

They have a remarkable appearance that can still be very different. Stainless steel cabinets can look futuristic or vintage, industrial or rustic.

What else do stainless steel cabinets have to offer?


Ordway-by-Eisenmann-Architektur metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Eisenmann architecture

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets not only offer a versatile style, they are also very durable. Wooden cabinets can warp or crack. Then mold and mildew can grow and possibly cause structural damage.

Environmental conditions can also cause wood to discolor. Stainless steel never has any of these problems. It is very resistant to moisture and temperature.

Great opportunity for visual contrast

Ridge-Home-by-Jordan-Lotoski metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Jordan Lotoski

If you are concerned about the color of using stainless steel kitchen cabinets, don’t! Stainless steel cabinets are a great way to frame more colorful parts of your kitchen. Combine them with wood for a very effective contrast.

Natural untreated wood or undyed wood goes perfectly with stainless steel cabinets. You can easily take advantage of stainless steel cabinets while maintaining a rustic look by using wood elsewhere in your kitchen.

Stainless steel emphasizes the geometric shapes of a room. It’s ideal for a hyper-modern look. This is particularly true because it is such a functional material due to its durability and hygienic properties. The sheen of stainless steel is the hallmark of modern kitchens.

Consider adding glass doors for a modern twist on a classic look. You can also use leaded, opaque, or patterned glass. Everyone can look great. Not only will you see what you are storing, but you will also add amazing contrast to your stainless steel kitchen cabinets.

Stone and stainless steel are also a great combination. Depending on the surface and color of the stone, together they can look industrial or even naturalistic. Use natural light well to prevent this pairing from appearing too cold. For a naturalistic look, use organic materials like wooden chairs, accessory tables, and countertops.

If you’ve opted for an all stainless steel kitchen, make good use of color. Bright colors like red, green or blue add a touch of vibrancy and the stainless steel around them looks even better.

No maintenance required

LG-House-Kitchen-by-Thirdstone-Inc.-2 metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Thirdstone Inc.

Stainless steel cabinets never need to be realigned, re-stained or replaced like wooden kitchen cabinets. No additional details are required to make the room look visually uniform. You also save time and money because you don’t have to pay any maintenance costs. This is perhaps the most important benefit of stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Over time it is very cost effective.

No risk of moisture damage

Colorful-Condo-by-Red-Pepper-Design-Cabinetry Metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Red Pepper Design & Furniture

Normal use in the kitchen generates a lot of steam. Water, drinks and sauce are splashing everywhere. In the case of wooden cabinets, this eventually leads to damage such as paint peeling. Wooden kitchen cabinets in a well-used kitchen can easily become eyesore. In humid climates this becomes a problem even earlier.

Stainless steel cabinets never have this problem. Moisture and water cause no visible damage. They never warp like wood in damp conditions. Stainless steel has a much longer lifespan than wooden cabinets and also looks better for longer.

easy installation

Breeze of freshness from Nouvelle-Cuisine-Design-2 kitchen cabinets made of metal: stainless steel cabinets for your kitchenImage source: Nouvelle cuisine design

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are often delivered already assembled. This makes them a lot easier to install than traditional wooden cabinets that have to be assembled when you install them. Depending on your kitchen and house, you may be able to install these yourself.

All you have to do is screw it into the wall. This also makes the installation much faster. With stainless steel cabinets, you will have a functioning kitchen much sooner than if you had to go through the meticulous process of installing wooden cabinets.


Roxbury-Kitchen-by-Chelsea-Construction-Corporation Metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Chelsea Construction Corporation

Stainless steel is a very hygienic surface for cooking. It is easy to clean thoroughly. Since stainless steel, like wood, has no pores, it is resistant to bacteria and dirt. Removing spills and stains is as easy as wiping it down with a cleaning cloth and (if necessary) kitchen cleaner.

If you’ve ever seen a professional kitchen, you’ll find that every possible surface is made of stainless steel. Even hospitals use stainless steel cabinets because they are so resistant to bacteria and other unsanitary contaminants.


Of course, stainless steel has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

Prone to scratches and dents

While stainless steel never warps or tears, it scratches easily. Sometimes you can buff out the scratches, but sometimes they are permanent damage. Stainless steel cabinets can also be dented if hit by a heavy object.

However, this is less of a problem with stainless steel kitchen cabinets than with stainless steel countertops. After all, sharper objects and heavier objects are used near countertops than cabinets.


New-Modern-Farmhouse-von-Koch-Architects-Inc.-Joanne-Koch- metal kitchen cabinets: stainless steel furniture for your kitchenImage source: Koch Architects, Inc. Joanne Koch

Stainless steel cabinets are more expensive than wooden cabinets. If there are areas in your kitchen that could benefit more from stainless cabinets than others, such as the bathroom. For example, the area near the stove should only be installed there.

You should also consider installing only stainless steel cabinets as base cabinets. This gives a modern look and prevents the kitchen from getting too cold and industrial.

Decorating stainless steel kitchen cabinets

It’s hard to imagine a way to personalize stainless steel cabinets, but here are some fun ideas!

duct tape

For a wilder, rustic DIY look, use patterned or colored tape to create patterns and artwork on your stainless steel cabinets. This is a cool option when there are unsightly scratches. It’s still easy to clean and prevents more wear and tear.


Vinyl decals can add some personality to your kitchen cabinets. It’s easy to find any type of sticker you want on the internet. Just order it, wait for it to come, then stick it on!

Metal color

If you want to have different colors in your kitchen, just get some metal paint. Use it to bring out the colors of your kitchen and bring the stainless steel to life. Use stencils to create a more permanent version of a decal pattern.

Final thoughts on metal kitchen cabinets

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets can be a great investment. They are an extremely versatile set of hardware, both in use and style, but consider their drawbacks before paying for them.