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Mattresses 80×200

Mattresses 80×200

Narrow mattresses in 80×200 cm are used both in single beds and in double beds with 160 cm width. They offer a person perfect sleeping comfort and support a restful sleep. Depending on your sleeping position and your desired feeling of lying, choose a model with cold or visco foam, latex or spring core. For a pre-selection by weight, please use the filter function.

The right sleeping pad for your single and double bed: Mattresses in 80×200 cm

online shops have a wide selection of mattresses ready for you: in the size 80×200 cm you will receive mattresses made of different materials and in various degrees of hardness. Both a narrow single bed and the 160 cm wide bed will equip you with it. For the latter, just put two mattresses in half the bed width in the bed frame. Especially with different demands of two partners, this offers. Everyone chooses the design that suits their individual reclining mood so that the spine of each one experiences optimal storage and relief during nocturnal sleep.

Mattresses and their advantages

Whether cold foam, latex, spring core or visco foam, in the size 80×200 cm we carry mattresses from all common materials. In addition, we also offer people with higher body weight the benefit of perfect sleeping comfort, because XXL mattresses can be loaded with up to 180 kg. In addition, we also help allergy sufferers with a specially tailored to their assortment on. Mattress covers and matching slatted frames further refine your bedding and also ensure a long service life for the new mattress.

Further information about mattresses in 80×200 cm

You will find in the offer of online shops 80 cm wide mattresses from many well-known manufacturers. In addition, you benefit from in-house developments, which are developed in close cooperation with selected manufacturers. We offer you a wide range of products to meet the most diverse requirements and needs.