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How to decorate a studio apartment

How to decorate a studio apartment

Studio apartments are becoming increasingly popular with people who have not yet been immersed in family waters. No wonder that studios offer uncompromising advantages compared to all other small apartments. It’s true; They are really size-limited and not household-friendly. After all, it is a few meters that you need to carry out any activity (cooking, showering, watching TV, or even working). This is exactly why you should come up with groundbreaking plans when decorating a studio apartment.

A studio apartment is not the first choice we would make if we had to choose. We usually choose one for financial reasons and try to cope with the lack of space as best we can. What we need to know is that living in a studio doesn’t necessarily compromise comfort and style, as long as we adhere to the strictly prescribed ideas and rules for the interior design of studio apartments. In the end we would get a nice and functional place to live.

Divide it into mini spaces

Studio apartments are usually arranged so that there is a single room. What you need to do is break it down into smaller living areas and define each of them with different furnishing elements. Basically, you could get a living and sleeping space with a flexible partition, but you can boost your creativity and create cozy reading or yoga nooks (throw a soft rug, put on a lamp, or hang a bold picture, and that’s it !).

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Use most of it

Hide useful pieces of furniture that you only use when you need them. Just a few extra stools under the dining table, shelves on the ceiling, or a sofa with hidden drawers can really help you organize things. The main point is: do not cut off the walking space unless absolutely necessary.

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Find furniture that serves multiple purposes

Designing a studio apartment requires a serious “furniture hunt”. You need to replace extravagant parts with multifunctional elements (sofa that can serve as a pull-out bed, vintage tanks that can transform into coffee tables, dining tables that serve as desks, etc.). The main point is to ensure additional storage capacity.

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Take advantage of natural light

Brighten the studio as much as possible. When the windows are not enough to bring sunshine to the dark corners, create artificial light. Choose lamps or mounted wall lights, or hang a large mirror to reflect natural light.

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Lean on the neutral side

Colors and tones can really make up for the lack of space in studio apartments. Decorating a studio apartment includes neutral color palettes for walls, curtains, and throws that are freshened up with black and silver accents, making the space appear much larger. Neutrality is most efficient when applied to small, almost invisible pieces of furniture.

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Think of flexible partitions

We all agree that one room is not enough for a real household. If nothing else, you would certainly want a separate corner to sleep and eat. You can fix this with movable partitions (sliding doors, drapes, drapes, or folding walls) that take up minimal space when you are not using them.

Decorations should stay curvy, transparent, and structured

To ensure some visual spaciousness, consider using curved elements (to counter the sharp box shape of the apartment), taller tables with tiny legs, or shelves on the ceiling. The main idea is to counteract the angular monotony and promote comfort within the place. In addition to rounded furniture, we recommend throwing some fluffy pillows and mixing different textures (from silk to knit).

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Use the vertical aspect of your space

Built-in shelves and cabinets should be as tall as possible to make sure they collect all of our belongings. The vertical distance should be taken into account as well as the horizontal one, as there is no space to lose on the floor. We also recommend large curtains and layered patterns that create coziness.

Funky and dynamic wallpapers are more than welcome

Be brave to experiment with vibrant colors! The neutral tones go perfectly with lively curtains, posters or 3D wallpapers. For example, orange and black graphics can work wonders when placed next to a white sofa. Sharp green curtains can also add to the dramatic image.

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Black & White never went out of style

Black and white is the ultimate choice for those unsure of how to decorate a studio apartment. This classic combination can easily turn your space into a sophisticated paradise. All it takes is a balance between the two tones and a colorful accent here and there to light it up.

Decorate with your own things

How about some personal stuff instead of buying expensive accessories that don’t matter? Maybe it is time to personalize our space and bring a little of ourselves to the design of our studio apartment. Anything you use that you find appealing enough can serve as a decoration. You can even hang your bike on the wall or show off the clothes you are proud of.

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Opt for large floor coverings

The larger the flooring, the larger the room appears. Use carpets with interesting textures or large carpets that can warm up the apartment.

The biggest investment is your bed

Buy a loft bed. It will look stylish and comfortable, and it will add to your privacy. Due to the fact that it is only there when you need it, you have a lot of ground available.

The biggest plus is that it will be your own little sky that guests cannot see.

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Are you thinking of introducing the industrial style?

Creative and artistic people strive for uniqueness when dealing with the interior design of studio apartments. You can browse the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternative ideas in the market and buy all kinds of great accessories. What could look really chic is to divide your bedroom with a tall bookcase or curtain with an interesting print.

Keep the furniture small but comfortable

If you want to cut something, it will be the size of the furniture elements. Your sofa doesn’t have to be big, and neither does your chairs! High bar stools or foldable armchairs can be just as comfortable.

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Make sure there is enough space to pass

As fun as designing a studio apartment can be, don’t forget that space is your number one priority. It can take a few seconds to traverse the entire apartment, but you need to make sure there is a decent way to do this. What you sure don’t want is you and your guests climbing and jumping over things to get to the bathroom!

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There is no such space that cannot be used

Turn around and see if there is anything else you can do to make your studio more efficient. You have been working on the space problem and all of your belongings appear to be stored, but is there more room for improvement? Of course there is! Be careful and you will find that even the blanket, small decorative baskets or the space under the refrigerator can be used.

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Tables should be tall

Classic dining tables are not the most suitable option for small studio apartments. You should consider tall bistro sets, funky pub tables, or bars that take up little space and only pull out when you need them.

Color courage is an excellent idea

What we all want is to live in a positive, happy environment. Vibrant colors can do this for our studio – the small space can benefit from vibrant splashes of warm color. So can our mood!

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Maintenance is critical

Regular cleaning is an essential rule for small spaces – don’t collect things you don’t need as there is no space to store them. Keep only what seems comfortable and functional (practice shows that over time there will be fewer and fewer things). Clean regularly and avoid clutter as even the smallest can look awful if you don’t have space.

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