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Low to free tips for a cooler summer

Low to free tips for a cooler summer

If you look closely at your budget for maintaining your home, you will likely find that much of that money goes into heating and cooling.

Of course, you can control these costs if you can Make sure your AC unit is ready for the summer and if you plan for routine maintenance of your heating system before winter.

However, some home design, decorating, use, and maintenance tips don’t cost much (or nothing) but will result in a cooler home in the summer.

Home design for comfort

Pay attention to where the windows are. Doors and windows facing west and south can heat up the house quickly. Use this to your advantage in winter. Plant trees or install awnings to shade these windows during the summer months.

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Shade trees are also beneficial in cold weather. For example, they offer protection against wind breaks. Another design tactic that can lower your summer cooling costs is to use light-colored roof accessories.

The Environmental Protection Agency appreciates that highly reflective roof can keep your home a lot cooler than dark roofs and help you reduce your air conditioning requirements.

Decorate to reduce heating and cooling costs

Did you know that some paint products have insulating properties? When decorating your home, look for insulating paints to reduce the heat gain in areas with direct sunlight. This step should not replace proper insulation in your home, but rather improve the existing insulation.

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When shopping for paint, focus on white, which reflects heat. If you can’t paint everything white, at least you can buy white curtains and blinds. You might also be surprised to learn that synthetic carpets add warmth to homes and keep the heat in during the summer months.

Replace these carpets with wooden floors or carpets made from natural fibers. Swap linens for cotton sheets for cooler nights.

Develop cost-effective habits

If you spend most of your time in one area of ​​your home, close doors and air vents to rooms that are not in use. By only heating and cooling part of your home, you can save a significant part of your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Open these doors and windows at night to allow cooler air to flow through and naturally cool the house. Limit the use of appliances like dishwashers and televisions until it is cooler in the evening. Devices that are not in use should be switched off, otherwise they will continue to heat the house.

Equipment waiting for savings

The maintenance habits you develop can extend the life expectancy of your equipment and reduce your cooling costs. This includes:

  • Keep your outdoor unit free from dirt and overgrown plants.
  • Vacuum the vents indoors and prevent them from becoming blocked.
  • Insulating pipelines and repairing broken seals.
  • Clean the drain line to the cooling coil.

If you are interested Keep your home cool Don’t forget that there are several steps you can take to ensure that your AC unit will be ready for another year. The way you design, decorate, use, and maintain your appliances can have a positive impact on your ability to afford and enjoy a cool, comfortable home in the summer.