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touch of a lamp

touch of a lamp

This article provides a step-by-step guide to restoring a lamp’s touch –

Step 1 –

The final position of the touch-controlled lamp should be removed. To access the lamp harp, remove the lampshade. Release the hard saddle by pressing the harp against each other.

Step 2 –

From the bottom of the lamp separate its bottom. Connection of buttons to the base can be done with a screw or can be pulled from the base in a way similar to the opening of the butter container.

Step 3-

Locate the indicator light control box. Four wires will be connected to it. These are usually yellow, white, red and black or they are yellow, white, gray and black. This depends on the manufacturer.

Step 4

The wire that connects to the black that comes from the base should be wrapped in tape. A new piece of tape is applied to wire that connects to either red or gray wire.

Step 5 –

Connectors that hold the lamp cable for touch control should be screwed. Carefully pull the wires apart.