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How to choose the right purple cushion for your home?

How to choose the right purple cushion for your home?

Changing your interiors or simply moving furniture and fixtures here and there helps in infusing new air to any room of your home. If you have purple, white or even black setting in your room, one of the easiest and cheapest way to transform the room is to add purple cushions. Made from different materials and in different sizes, purple cushions are something that are small in size, but have tremendous potential. Moreover, you also have the benefit of simply changing them, if you don’t like the outcome.

If you are planning to buy purple cushions for your home, let us help you with some important tips-

The size of the purple cushion you need will depend on the size of the sofa or chair for which you want the pillows. Size of the room also plays a role in selecting the perfect size of cushions for your room. You cannot get small cushions if you have a very large room, and large cushions will look awkward in smaller rooms. If you have a modern sofa or chair, it is better to lookout for smaller cushions, or maybe you will need to move them every now and then as they won’t be very comfortable.

Foam, feather, and synthetic mix are the three common fillings for cushions. They are soft and are able to retain their shapes over a long period of time. Another option is the goose down cushions, they are softer than afore mentioned, but are too pricey. Understand your requirements before choosing the filling of the pillow. If it’ll be used heavily, it is better to choose something softer. If you are planning to get purple cushions just for decorating your room, you don’t really have to put a lot of emphasis on its softness, as they will be hardly used.

It is sort of a thumb rule to get odd-number of sofas. However, even if you want even number of purple cushions, there is nothing wrong in it. The size of your sofa plays a major role in determining the number of cushions you need. If you have a large sofa, then four or five cushions are enough. If it’s a small chair, one is enough, or if it’s a love seat, you can get two decorative purple cushions.

Shape, patterns and style of the purple cushions are equally important for choosing perfect cushions for your room. The most important part is to understand the measurement of your sofa and the room, and also know what are requirements from the cushion are, to avoid making a mistake.