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bright bathroom lighting?

The bathrooms are a very integral part of the house and the average person spends more than 25,000 hours of their life in the bathroom and it is important to be a happy place and not look grungy and dark. It should be well decorated with bright light and reflect your personality and styles. Bathroom is the first place we go in after waking up, therefore it should be done well and should be bright and cheerful to help set the happy mood for the day. It should be perfectly lit, not too powerful and not too bright. Here are some bright bathroom lighting ideas to start the morning off well:

Ceiling lights over the mirror

Elegant pendant lamps over a large mirror in the wall look modern and elegant and look wonderful. It makes the bathroom look open and bright and creates a wonderful atmosphere in the morning. Smart lights with brightness settings from an app or device. Different light setting options, its brightness and colors can be controlled with these devices.

Shower light

Lighting in the shower area, especially in blue colors, can give a very cool and peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom and looks phenomenal in the bathroom. Bright bathroom lamps can give a fascinating look to the bathing area and especially in the shower and make it more fun to have a shower. Different colored lamps in rainbow colors that make the bathroom very happy and can be changed to a color that suits the mood and preferences.

Chandelier candles in different shapes

A different chandelier bright bathroom lamps in the bathroom become a center of attractions and bring the bathroom to life. Shapes like a star, or dandelion etc add drama to the bathroom and look exquisite. It can have different colors, patterns or looks and it comes in different sizes that can be chosen depending on the bathroom size. LED lights installed in this can help save resources and power charges. This in the middle of the bathroom or above a bathtub looks wonderful and lights up the bathtub area well.