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Home decor with touch table lamp

Home decor with touch table lamp


Lamps are simple and comparatively small lighting equipment. Lamps were used a very long time ago and over the years they improvised and improved in various possible ways. Before the lamps were invented, there were kerosene lamps or gas lamps that used fire to emit light. After the invention of light bulbs, the design was changed to provide maximum lighting and also according to the design need. Nowadays, the table lamps we find on the market are user-friendly and more comfortable due to the extra functions they offer in addition to the intended lighting. For example, lamps with flexible necks that can be turned to change the light direction are very popular in the market.


Among the types of lamps that are popular in the home, touch table lamps are an important lamp. It is much more reliable because there is no push button or turn button on it to turn the light on or off. The light is switched on or off by simply touching the lamp. It works on the principle of the body’s capacitance. Manufacturers have now developed a small plug-in box that can turn most common lamps into a touch table lamp and it uses the same principle. It is much more useful near the bed on the bedside table because at night we do not have to search for the button on the lamp in the dark to turn it on, all we need to do is simply touch the lamp itself. Most of these lamps also come with the function to adjust the brightness, to do this we only need to touch the lamp several times until the lamp lights up with the desired brightness. Touch lamps are also made in many designs, ranging from a regular rectangular box with a cuboid of very thin height as a base to lamps that look like all other normal lamps with shades, but shades of these lamps are rarely interchangeable.

Other uses

In addition to placing it in the bedrooms, touch table lamps can be stored in almost any place from living room to kitchen, as it is very easy to use and it can also serve as a decorative item. The base of these lamps is mainly metal and is made in interesting shapes such as long curved rod or other attractive conical and cylindrical shapes so that it is aesthetically pleasing.