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Add warmth to your home with ideas from these red bathrooms

Add warmth to your home with ideas from these red bathrooms

A warm feeling is added to your home when you use the color red and where you can feel the warmth better than in the bathroom. Red works surprisingly well in the bathroom.

Perhaps you want to go bold with bright red walls or be more reserved with red decorative items as accents.

If you want a modern look, paint the walls a light ruby ​​red and use them with cool stainless steel fittings. Gray, silver, and black furniture and fixtures go well with red to give the room a sleek look.

You can buy red glass-look wall tiles or a glossy red vanity top to cheer up the room. The lighting of the room with a red hanging pendant also gives a splash of color.

If you prefer a less dramatic effect, occasionally use red as an accent to warm up a neutral room. Red patterned shower curtains, towels, window curtains, or wall hangings can add that same feeling of warmth to the room in a less obvious way.

Country-style bathrooms look great by mixing colonial red accents with brick, white, beige, brown, or gray. A red bathroom carpet, a red candle on the vanity and a red cabinet or chair give the room a homely look. Frame the mirror or the pictures with red.

Red goes well with a lot of colors too, so figuring out your color scheme is pretty easy and fun. You could make a fun bathroom for the kids by using red and other basic colors in your decor. Or add more warm colors like orange and yellow to the red to create a colored space.

Red bathroom interiors create a warm and homely ambience in many decorative styles.

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