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French beds

French beds

Comfortable sleeping quarters for singles and couples – French beds with their lying area of ​​mostly 140×200 cm are among the most popular models when it comes to equipping small bedrooms for one or two people. Particularly advantageous: French beds are equipped with a continuous mattress, which can cuddle couples and single people have plenty of space to spread.

Charming sleeping quarters for singles and couples: French beds

Whether alone or as a couple – with a French bed, you are perfectly equipped for any sleeping situation. The comfortable bed frames convince with a comfortable lying surface of 140×200 cm to 160×200 cm, which can be equipped with a continuous mattress.

Romantic bed for couples in love

Narrow double beds with a bed area of ​​140×200 cm can be perfectly equipped with a continuous mattress. Especially in love couples appreciate this, because so can be comfortably cuddled in the middle of the bed, without an annoying stumbling block in the way.

French beds – origin

When it comes to design,  French bedding leaves nothing to be desired: from handcrafted wrought iron beds to luxurious box spring systems to solid wood and decorative dormitories – French beds are available to suit every taste and style.

Especially in narrow and / or winding bedrooms, it is often difficult to set up an expansive double bed. Nevertheless, you would not want to give up sleeping for two people. French beds are the perfect solution.

Not only couples appreciate the comfort of French beds. Even singles appreciate the pleasant size of the continuous lying surface. It guarantees generous freedom of movement, so that arms and legs can be stretched out far.